X-Men #40

    X-Men » X-Men #40 - Legion Quest Part 2: The Killing Time released by Marvel on January 1, 1995.

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    Legion, Bishop, Psylocke, Storm, and Iceman have traveled to the past but have lost their memories!

    Continued from Uncanny X-Men 320. Story Continues in Uncanny X-Men 321.

    Many years in the past, Charles Xavier and his new friend Magnus meet in the Haifa hospital to discuss a newly designed wheelchair and dinner plans. As Charles leaves, Magnus enters the room of a man who has forgotten everything about himself. It is Legion.

    In the present, Charles Xavier is in Israel trying to find Jean Grey, who left him a psionic message about a new threat from his son, Legion. Archangel and Rogue search for their missing teammates through a terrible sandstorm and find Jean - and only Jean - barely alive. They get her back to the others and Beast gets her set up in a hospital bed. Charles gently probes her mind and she springs to life in a panic to relate what happened. She informs them that Legion is no longer a schizophrenic, but a whole person with many fully-realized abilities. Legion used a new ability to transport himself into the past, and he took Storm, Bishop, Psylocke, and Iceman with him.

    In the past, Storm, Bishop, Psylocke, and Iceman counsel together. Like Legion, they know very little about where they are. Yet, having each other, they have at least determined that they are twenty years back in time and have figured out each others' names. They also know that they are "different", as Psylocke knows she can read minds and Iceman has figured out his ability to turn to ice. They determine to figure out who they are and why they are in the past.

    In the present, Sabretooth tries breaking into a security system to free himself while the X-Men are gone. He finds, however, that things have been beefed up and he gets a nasty shock. He also finds that he isn't alone, as Wolverine aggressively makes himself known...

    Back in the past, a brooding Magnus continues to care for the clueless Legion. The melancholy awakens something in Legion, who projects many painful scene's from Magnus's past. Magnus lashes out at Legion and storms out of the hospital as the boy continues to languish in confusion. Magnus finds Charles and tells him of the symptoms Legion is exhibiting and the two figure they may have another "gifted" individual. They rush back to the hospital (after Charles has a slight brush with Psylocke) and find Legion projecting unfamiliar images of his own past in a fiery inferno above his body. Charles reaches out and touches the boy to soothe him.

    In the present, Professor Xavier and the remaining X-Men, as well as Israeli and Palestinian forces, watch as a giant ship descends on the desert. Cable (the resident time travelling mutant expert) and Domino descend and get briefed on the situation. The skies then crackle and the image of the Shi'ar queen Lilandra appears to warn that Legion is attempting to destroy the fabric of reality, a claim that appears to be backed by the Watchers themselves.


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