pspin's X-Men #39 - The Boneyard, Part 2 review

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X-Men #39 Review

X-Men #39 Review


Domino and Daredevil take down a supervillain arms dealer.

The Good:

The story was better than it would have seemed and a lot of this has to do with the villain. The arms dealer, Armitage, had a sad backstory but unlike many throwaway villains like that, was relatively unrepentant about it and didn’t justify everything by it and it was a refreshing change of pace. Daredevil and Domino also make a great team-up pair and are quite funny. Domino has been a bit sidelined for a lot of the series with a small part and here that is referenced and that adds a nice dimension to the story by making it feel connected to other writers work on the series.

Seth Peck does a great job with the writing. He keeps things light and humorous but the story grounds itself at the right times and becomes that much better for it. Domino and Daredevil have great dialogue and a similar sense of humor, dry and a bit sarcastic, and it the interaction between them believable; even though they don’t know each other well, it is obvious that they would get along. Overall Peck does a great job keeping them similar without having them become the same.

The art by David Azaceta and Matthew Southworth is great. It is a pop art style and works very well with the lighter tone of the story. It isn’t for everyone, but I liked it a great deal and thought that it worked well. Rico Renzi’s and Lee Loughridge’s colors really helped making the art good.

David Lopez, you have drawn a badass cover. It is excellent.

The Bad:

Nothing major, the art might not be everyone’s favorite and the story isn’t ground breaking but there is nothing bad about the issue.


A fun team up comes to a close in an entertaining fashion. The Domino-centricity of the story was a major plus and it was fun to see a “second string” X-Man star for a change. Seth Peck delivers a fun story that goes along well with the art, so far it is a great start to Peck’s run.

4 out of 5

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