X-Men #39

    X-Men » X-Men #39 - Birds of a Feather released by Marvel on December 1, 1994.

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    Philip Summers life is threatened!


    In a flashback, Philip Summers navigates a dogfight in the old war and takes out three enemies.

    In the current day, however, Philip is losing his eyesight and crashes his plane in the frozen wilderness. He would die if not for being found by Adam-X. Adam-X drags Philip from the plane just before it explodes. Adam-X carries Philip in hopes of finding shelter before night falls.

    At the Xavier Institute, Cyclops learns that his grandfather (Philip Summers) has gone missing. He and Jean quickly pack to head up to Alaska to join the search efforts.

    Having survived the night, Adam-X continues to carry Philip to relative safety. Philip notes that Adam-X seems familiar, almost like his own family, to which Adam-X explains that he is simply a lost traveler. Adam-X begins building a shelter.

    In Israel, Legion wanders through the desert and has another vision of Destiny. She reiterates that only Legion can help make the world right - as Magneto sees it.

    In New Orleans, Marius, the former leader of a group of assassins, is laid to rest. Bella Donna, Gambit's old lover, ascends to lead the clan. She swears revenge on all who cross their path, especially on Gambit.

    Back in Alaska, night has fallen and Adam-X and Philip try to make the best of the below-zero conditions. They continue bonding and Adam-X relates that he is from space. Philip takes this in stride and asks to see the star Adam-X came from. Philip passes out. The shelter is soon found by family friends and Philip is taken to the hospital. Adam-X is nowhere to be seen.

    At the hospital, Cyclops and Jean gather with family and are glad that Philip is safe - albeit in a deep sleep. Jean senses a presence in Philip's room and goes to investigate. She finds Adam-X checking on Philip. He asks her to relay a message. She enters his mind and passes to Philip a vision of Adam-X's past life; specifically, an alien dogfight in which Adam-X outmaneuvers three enemy aircraft. Adam-X thanks Jean for her help and leaves. Cyclops joins Jean.

    From a monitor, Erik the Red watches. From a monitor watching Erik the Red, Mr. Sinister watches.


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