X-Men #38

    X-Men » X-Men #38 - Smoke and Mirrors released by Marvel on November 1, 1994.

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    Gambit is on to Sabertooth's secret plan!


    Professor Xavier meets with Cyclops and Jean in front of the newly christened Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. He hopes the future of the X-Men is bright.

    Beast continues to study the Legacy Virus. It has been three weeks, but he has finally started making progress. The results are not great, as the virus appears to be deadlier than thought. Iceman seeks to interrupt but is rebuffed. Beast hates to ignore his friend, especially since Iceman is having a bit of an identity crisis of late, but the work must go on.

    Iceman heads out to the pool alone. It's not long before Rogue joins him. She takes a dive and he freezes the top of the water, which makes her very angry. She verbally lashes out at him and he calls her out for her issues with Gambit. They end in a stalemate with Iceman suggesting that they both get their heads in order.

    Inside, Jean finishes a telepathic training session with Psylocke. Psylocke finds that getting back in touch with her telepathic side is taking more effort than she thought she needed. She then apologizes for flirting with Cyclops.

    Once Jean and Psylocke are done, Cyclops runs Sabretooth through a low-impact training session. Gambit arrives and informs Cyclops that Jean wants him to help move furniture in the new house. Cyclops leaves Gambit to run the training. Gambit cranks up the intensity.

    In New Mexico, Carter Ryking is brought out of his prison cell for a quick meeting with Adam X, who is looking for information regarding Milbury. Carter points him to Charles Xavier.

    Back at the school, Bishop helps Professor Xavier sort through some rubble in the Ready Room. Xavier laments that all his information is lost due to the explosion that thwarted the Phalanx threat. He has hope, however, that Commcast may have back-up files.

    In Israel, Legion dreams in his coma. Destiny appears to him and posits that Legion has a good dream, which is to have his father, Magneto, have his way. Destiny hints that all that would be required is Magneto getting a chance. Legion wonders what this means.

    In his training, Sabretooth takes a beating and is then confronted by Gambit. The two quickly fight and Gambit gets the upper hand. Gambit accuses Sabretooth of trying to get between he and Rogue, but it won't work. Rogue happens to hear and takes hope that their love can be saved.

    Iceman finally succeeds in getting an audience with Beast, who explains that the Legacy Virus is really in three strains. Iceman is impressed, but also can't help but be a downer. Beast sees his friend's need and the two go out for dinner.


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