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"Scott Summers, i love you."

Thank you so much, Brian Wood, David Lopez, Roland Boschi and Dan Brown for making this the must read of the week.

And, finishing off with that, we follow up from last issue's little fall out and Psylocke stumbling upon the new "host" of the Proto-Mutant sample. The leader of the Heavenly Path. Action packed issue that this title has missed out on severely since Wood's arrival.

Not sure where to start, really, this issue had so much going on it was just about overwhelming, in a good way. Let's start with the opening, Wood always introduces his stories with either some sort of news-report or an in your face, but, discreet, type of back-story for the upcoming antagonist, this time it was a news report. The better type.

As stated before, this series had been lacking in the action department but this issue places it on an entirely different level. The team dynamic is yet agian gold compared to how it formerly was. It's almost as if they've been at this for years, Wood stated prior to his run that the tone of this title would role along the lines of "espionage" and his most certainly delivered on that statement. Tenfold.

Brian Wood, yet again, delivers a stellar issue. Filled to the brim with action, character driven moments and plot twists all about.

The Good

Everything. Firstly, Psylocke's role in the issue. Not that she's been taking a back-seat prior to this arc, but i really liked her presence here. Considering her ramblings in Uncanny X-Force, i felt as if some of the moral implications of that endeavor had come into play with this issue. Her letting Neena know that going behind Storm's back was the last thing she'd do, was one of the main highlights of this issue. Loved it. Pixie, to keep things brief, she's always been seen as that little Welsh X-Girl, the annoying pink-haired teleporter. Brian Wood, with #30 till now, develops her from that, to so much more. Taking on such a hands on threat that could of potentially annihilated her, was so brave. Disobeying Storm's orders if it meant saving her teammate's life, i loved it. The team conflicts, not that too much team conflict is a good thing, but compared to what we're getting in other X-Books currently, it makes for superb drama and intrigue in this title. Wood handles that naturally.

The Bad

The art got a tad...weird a times but that changed once Lopez stepped back on for those Storm/Cyclops pages. Anything else isn't really worth mentioning.


This is arguably one of the best X-Titles out right now, if you're a true X-Fan. Everything just works. The better book to be spending money on instead of the lack-luster of AvX.


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