pspin's X-Men #35 - Subterraneans, Part 2 review

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X-Men #35 Review

X-Men #35 Review


The team tries to stop the Heavenly Path cult from abusing the proto-mutant DNA.

The Good:

The action in this book was great, particularly seeing Domino in action after she has been in the background so much lately. The nice thing about this was that this arc spins directly out of the previous arc but still is its own story.

Brian Wood once again does a great job with the writing and has been on a roll lately. It is nice to see a consistently well written X-book on the Utopia side of the X-Men. There are several plots and sub-plots in action and Wood’s run will be something to read in trade.

The art by Roland Boschi, David Lopez, and Alvaro Lopez is a huge step up from just Boschi on the art and it really helps things out by going really well with the story

The Bad:

There are two clear instances, one on page 19, panel 5, and page21 panel 1, where the speech bubbles are attached to the wrong characters. In the first one, Domino is saying something to Psylocke that Psylocke should be saying to Domino and in the second one Psylocke is saying something that Domino should be saying unless she has started referring to herself in the third person and narrating her actions. This is a very obvious and jarring mistake that detracts from the story, with three editors, someone should have caught it.

While the art is far better than last issue, some of the facial expressions are still odd.


Except for two rather jarring mistakes and some minor art preferences, this issue is top notch and the series is continuing to go strong and is a great read for any comic fan and it is a must read for any fan of the X-Men.

4 out of 5

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