pspin's X-Men #30 - Blank Generation, Part 1 review

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X-Men #30 Review

X-Men #30 Review


Storm is training Pixie for something and a monster attacks a city. There is a whole new creative team as well.

The Good:

This is not an AvX tie in and that is really awesome that a reader can still get some X-Men that aren’t going crazy. The best part of this issue is that Storm is going behind Scott’s back to do things here. It shows that not everyone on Utopia is drinking Scott’s Us-Against-The-World Kool-Aid and it is refreshing because especially during AvX, it is getting a little out of control.

The story is alright. It could be better, see the Bad section. This issue brings in Brian Wood as the author and he does a good job, his dialogue is informative and lengthy but still flows well. Domino’s dialogue comes to mind as quite good.

The art is really good as David Lopez takes over. The backgrounds are detailed without taking away from what is happening with the characters, the character designs don’t change but they are well put together. His art is enjoyable as it is able to show a range of facial emotions and it makes the story flow better. Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors are a refreshing and welcome change from Guru FX, and they were good.

The Bad:

Wood is clearly trying to set up for a longer arc and that is fine but some what happens just doesn’t quite flow that well, the opening scene comes to mind, but the worst part is when Storm meets a scientist and explains to Pixie all about this scientist and who this woman works for but never says her name and they interact for two pages and the woman clearly knows Storm, they have met before, and the woman knows who Pixie is. The other part is when Storm tells Pixie she is training her for something but just gives vague responses. This vagueness does detract from the issue a bit but since this is the first issue of a new story arc it is not that bad but is annoying.

While the art was very good and the faces are expressive, sometimes they look strange or cartoony which does not fit well with the story but it is not that big of a deal.

Psylocke literally does nothing in the issue and Colossus does nothing that anyone with super strength cannot do; this just further convinces me that they are not needed and someone else can replace them. Storm finally becomes needed which is a good thing I guess.


A decent start to a new story nothing is super amazing but nothing is terrible either. Anyone can pick up the issue and enjoy it. Big things seem to be coming and that is good, the book could use something that could shake the team up a little, like maybe some new characters. The new creative team is a good choice for the book and while they lay a slower but solid foundation for what could be a good story.

3 out of 5

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