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Vampires, mutants, oh my! Pt. 3

   The third issue of Curse of Mutants, and what do ya know, Dracula's ressurectio is at hand! After tensions running high, Cyclops decides it's time to play their trump card, and ressurect the king of homeness nocturni, or vampires in lamens terms. To discover how they recovered Dracula's body, you'll have to read Gambit and Storm one-shot, and Namor #1.  
   As the X-men await Namor to arrive with the goods so to speak, Wolverine is hot on the trail of Jubilee, not knowing that she's been turned by Xarus himself. Xarus knows that Wolverine's on his way, and decides to use Jubilee as bait for a trap. Namor finally arrives with Dracula's head to Utopia, after battling Atlantian vampirs,( like I said, read Namor #1), and hands it over to Cyclops and the gang. they prep Dracula's body, place on the head, and then remove the steak peirced threw his heart. Presto, the king has returned! Awakening under a barrage of anti vampire weaponry, he demands to know where he is. After discovering he's with the mutants, he teases Storm and Emma Frost, before Cyclops debreifs him on the situation, to which he asks why he should help. While deep in the underbelly of San Franscico, Wolverine hunts for Jubilee, killing any fimilairs and vampires that can give him any information on Jubilee's whereabouts. He finally comes across Jubilee, who is hanging upside down, and releases her. She then tells him to look out. When he turns around, she bites him, thus infecting him. Back on Utopia the X-men desperately try to convince Dracula to join them, in which he decines and says he'll handle this himself. While back in Xarus' hideout, Wolverine fights the virus, ultimately succoming to it, becoming a vampire. 
   Oh yeah, Wolverine's been turned into a blood sucker. Gischler really surprised me. Did not expect Wolverine to cross over to the vamp side. Also, the cover is awesome! Showing the mighty return of lord Dracula! So,  a 4 out of 5. Good story, good cover, good artwork, and I really can't wait for the next part! So enjoy, and nice readings.

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