X-Men #29

    X-Men » X-Men #29 - Return to Hellfire! released by Marvel on February 1, 1994.

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    Psylocke realizes her future relies on getting aid from the X-Men!


    Professor Xavier, Archangel, and Beast watch as Sabretooth gets some exercise in the Danger Room. His partner is Psylocke. The two spar with both getting the upperhand at different times. Psylocke finally wins and Sabretooth admits that he admires her for besting him without the use of her mutant powers. Sabretooth mentions that Psylocke is winding up to be his type of girl, which she all-too-readily agrees to. Archangel feels a tinge of jealousy.

    Archangel decides to take a walk around the mansion. He sees Cyclops and Jean Grey putting some finishing touches on their wedding and wonders if he has the capacity to settle down. Jubilee skates in and delivers an extravagant looking invitation to a Hellfire Club event. Psylock approaches and the two have a quick lesson on the old Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. The two are suspicious of what could be going on now since all the old member were killed off and Sebastian Shaw is now running the show. Since both have lineal membership in the Hellfire Club, Archangel and Psylocke decide to attend the event together.

    The two arrive and try to mingle but are soon separated from the group with Sage, who immediately blasts them. They soon awaken and see that their clothes have been changed. Shinobi Shaw introduces himself to Psylocke and greets Archangel as an old friend. Shinobi mentions that he wants to start a new Inner Circle and he wants Archangel to be the White King. He then dispatches Psyclocke by phasing his hand over her heart, which makes her pass out. Archangel is surprised that Shinobi is a mutant and the two have a quick fight. Psylocke soon regains consciousness and plunges a psy-blade into Shinobi's head. She sees his troubled past. She and Archangel leave Shinobi with the refusal to join his Inner Circle.


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