X-Men #28

    X-Men » X-Men #28 - Devil In The House released by Marvel on January 1994.

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    Sabretooth remains a prisoner inside the X-Mansion. But when he looks to intimidate Jean Grey, he'll quickly learn that she is the one mutant you do not mess with.

    Xavier's school tries to deal with the presence of Sabretooth on the grounds.


    Jubilee sprints through the woods in a panic. Her powers are worthless against so great a foe. She stumbles upon Wolverine’s dead body. She turns as Sabretooth leaps for another kill. Jubilee awakens from her nightmare and Jean Grey rushes in to calm her. As she soothes Jubilee, Jean sends out a message to Cyclops to gather the others and to meet her at Harry’s Hideaway.

    At Harry’s Hideaway, Jean meets with Cyclops, Beast, and Storm. The friends discuss the fact that Professor Xavier has allowed Sabretooth to stay in in the school. Some begin to question some of Xavier’s tactics of late, especially that of shutting down Magneto’s mind. They are conflicted because of their devotion to Xavier’s beliefs and don’t know how to proceed.

    At the mansion, Professor Xavier finishes a test on Revanche, who has contracted the Legacy Virus. She leaves knowing that there is no cure and that she is merely a research project. Xavier is called by Moira MacTaggert to watch video on the latest attempt to placate Sabretooth’s mind. Moira plays a video of Psylocke entering Sabretooth’s quarters. Psylocke is working with Moira in giving Sabretooth psy-doses to calm his raging demeanor. Sabretooth, however, isn’t game for what Psylocke offers and pounces on her. He steals a kiss before tossing her out of his room. The doors close with Sabretooth demanding Jean Grey as the person administering the psy-dose he needs.

    Rogue is the next to enter Sabretooth’s room. She and Gambit deliver a plate of raw steak. Sabretooth breathes out a threat against Gambit that Rogue presses to know more about. Sabretooth refuses to answer any questions and shows the two mutants to the door. Before the door closes, however, Sabretooth suggests that Rogue ask her adopted mother Mystique about a long-lost brother.

    In Xavier’s study, Jean and Cyclops confront Xavier about his recent decisions. Jean is more bent out of shape than normal but Xavier is pleased that his former students have learned enough to know that they should never be content with what is presented to them. He also assures them that his decisions of late have come after painstaking thought. Xavier excuses himself and Cyclops wonders aloud if Jean is so bent out of shape because of Wolverine’s absence. She admits that there were things about Wolverine that she liked but that her heart ultimately belongs to Cyclops. Just then, Moira buzzes in and requests the Professor for help in dealing with Sabretooth. Jean volunteers to take care it.

    Jean enters Sabretooth’s room and he immediately lunges at her. He hits a defense shield and gets thrown back. Jean then turns off the room’s defense mechanisms and confronts the man face to face. Jean telekinetically sends Sabretooth through the wringer by tossing him around the room as he tries to taunt her about her infatuation with Wolverine. Sabretooth recognizes that Jean has the power to calm his mind and finally asks her for her help. She denies him and questions whether he has the nerve to deal with who he has become in order to fix himself on his own. She walks out as he licks his wounds.

    The next morning, Jubilee decides to face her fears by taking Sabretooth a meal on her own. She is nervous as she enters his room but finds him perfectly calm. He gives Jean praise as Jubilee walks out.



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