pspin's X-Men #25 - Open Contract, Part One review

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X-Men #25 Review

X-Men #25 Review


The rest of the team finally gets a solid lead on Jubilee’s location and meet the Forgiven

The Good:

The issue was mostly focused on the rest of the team unlike last issue, and they kill a lot of vampires. It is an issue that has a lot of action but spends most of the dialogue and the second half setting up the next couple issues which is fine. The writing was solid and the art will be discussed later…

The Bad:

I have said it before and will say it again, I don’t like this roster very much. It seems stupid to have half of the team on this team and half on the Extinction Team (UXM). I like that Warpath, Jubilee, and Domino are in this book but the other three people could be filled with others on Utopia. Psylocke could stay or go, it doesn’t matter much but since she is playing double agent for Wolverine having her here and in UXM seems pointless. Storm should probably stay to give the book a big name and a leader but still. Colossus should leave, now, he doesn’t do anything and rarely speaks, there will never be any consequences from him getting the Juggernaut powers in this book that don’t stem from UXM so he should just leave. None of this actually detracts from the quality of the book, I just find it very annoying.

The Unknown:

I don’t know what is going on with the art in this issue some of it is amazing but some of it sucks. Colossus looks cool even though he does next to nothing and the backgrounds are amazing but in the second half something happens. I don’t know what but Jubilee looks psychotic and there are some shots of Psylocke that are… interesting and probably unnecessary. The first half was highly detailed and great but when the X-Men meet the Forgiven it just gets bad.


It was a good issue that sets up the next adventure that the X-Men will have, not essential but fun none the less. The art confused me and I don’t know how to factor that into the rating. (So I won't.)

4 out of 5

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