X-Men #25

    X-Men » X-Men #25 - Fatal Attractions Part 4: Dreams Fade released by Marvel on October 1993.

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    After the crashing of Illanya's funeral in Uncanny X-Men #304, Colossus shocks everyone by siding with Magneto and the Acolytes, even though Magneto had made his intentions clear to wipeout mankind from Avalon.

    Magneto then proceeds to unleash an electromagnetic pulse, to create havoc on earth's electricity systems. To counteract this move and stop Magneto, Xavier travels with an assembled team (Gambit, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Rogue and Quicksilver), fully equipped for battle and walking by donning a Shi'ar exoskeltion, to Avalon.

    With the team is a virus, created by Beast, to counter Magneto's earth attack, and is uploaded successfully. This prompts Magneto to engage the X-Men in battle, with Wolverine almost gutting Magneto in an effort to take him down. Magneto, seething from this attempt, then proceeds to use his magnetism powers to rip the adamantium skeleton from Wolverine's body, leaving him ripped to shreds.

    This attacks then prompts Xavier's anger, and completely mindwipes Magneto, leaving him in a comatose state. The x-team then attend to Wolverine and race home to keep him alive. Despite all that has happened, Colossus remains behind on Avalon and attends to the comatose Magneto.....


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