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The stunning conclusion to Messiah CompleX. Everyone has an agenda, but do any trump the child’s destiny? Mutant savior or mutant destroyer, the combatants may come to regret their roles in this fight. And what becomes of the X-Men in the wake of the biggest fight of their lives?

Cable is stuck in between a gun-toting Bishop and a drooling Predator X. He fakes a move and Bishop fires at Predator X as Cable ducks out of the way. Predator X then moves in on Bishop and seems to rip off one of his arms.

Up above, the X-Men are still fighting the Marauders and Acolytes. Cyclops tells Wolverine to take his X-Force team to deal with Predator X. He suggests to Emma that the students be used to fight the Marauders. She is trying to get them out of harm's way but Cyclops suggests the fact that the Marauders aren't familiar with their powers and abilities, they'll have a chance against them. Sinister and the Marauders know all about the X-Men's abilities.

Warpath tries his blades on Predator X. He sees the wounds heal up and is thrown to the side as if he was nothing. Cyclops confronts Cable and demands he hands over the baby. Cable insists that she will save them. He says that everyone that is after her has their own agenda. It's too dangerous for her. Cable holds a gun to Cyclops but Scott says he won't pull the trigger. Cable pleads with his father not to make him do this. Then Professor X comes and tells Cable he should do as Scott says.

In the infirmary, Rogue awakens from her coma. Mystique is overjoyed and tells Rogue that Destiny had known about it all. Rogue is interested when Mystique mentions the price to cure her. Mystique tells her they had to use a baby but it was unharmed. Rogue is simply disgusted. She tells her she's tired of people getting hurt or killed when the two of them try to sort things out. She tells her this was the last time and removes her glove. Mystique tells her she won't be able to live with herself if she goes through with this. Rogue says she does love her and won't forgive herself but she will always remember her. Mystique goes down as Rogue clamps her hand over her face. As Mystique lies on the floor, Rogue asks Gambit if he has anything to say. Gambit tells her that they all have their demons. None of them are pure. Rogue notices that Mystique isn't dead. It turns out that the baby's touch cleaned her of the death touch and all the minds she had absorbed. She was finally free of all the voices until she absorbed Mystique. She needs time to think. She tells Gambit that if he still cares for her, to just leave her alone.

X-Force continues to try to stop Predator X. Unseen by them, Bishop is still alive. Malice/Omega Sentinel can't believe they are fighting the X-Men's "kindergarten class" now. She soon sees how wrong she was when she is stabbed by Pixie's Soul Dagger. Emma distracts Exodus while Dust slices up his insides. The tables are beginning to turn. Wolverine decides to try to finish the fight. Climbing up high, he jumps down towards Predator X only to be swallowed whole. X-Force and some X-Men rush to hit and slash at Predator X to try to save Wolverine. Suddenly Wolverine's claws slice out and Predator X is left as a big bloody mess.

Professor X tells Cable that Scott is the leader of the X-Men. He must make the decision for all of them. Seeing he has no chose, Cable hands over the baby. Scott contacts Emma and finds out they're winning. He tells her that he has the baby when she grabs at a locket around his neck. The locket contains a picture of Jean and himself. He is reminded of when Nathan was an infant and had to be taken away by the Askani. He remembers Jean dying in his arm telling him to live. Professor X tells him that he can't control the future and has to allow it to happen. Scott sees that there are two possible futures the baby could set in motion.

Scott gives it some thought and decides to hand the baby back over to Cable. He tells him to get her out of there so that she can choose her own future. Wolverine and Beast are about to object but Scott tells them it's decided. Cable is about to say something to Scott but he tells him to save it. They'll see each other again. As Cable begins to teleport out of there, Bishop yells out and shoots at the spot where Cable and the baby stood at least seven times. With Cable teleporting out of there, the person standing behind him ends up being the target of the shots. Cyclops hits Bishop with a full blast. He asks how the Professor is. Wolverine mentions it was a head shot and he's not breathing. Beast tells everyone to back off as he checks his vitals. It doesn't look good. Iceman asks what should they do now. Scott tells them to pray. He says hopefully the baby's birth will mean something. With Professor X out of the picture, the X-Men are no more.

In the future, Cable and the baby watch the sun rise.

Note: the synopsis for X-Men Legacy #208 says, "What becomes of the world's most powerful telepath after his mind has been shattered by a bullet?"


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Prof. X is dead.......again. 0

So was all this a plot by the writers to kill off professor X..I don’t know. As a matter of fact I don't really know anything anymore. Or what all was this was about, let alone what the messiah complex means. I think I read every issue... Well If I miss something please correct me...So Predator X is ripped apart by Logan. I was waiting for that, I got tired of seeing it. Mr. Sinister id dead. Rouge is cured?? Mystique really loves Rouge and wants to be a mother now...Gambit is really not all bad...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

Sound and Fury 0

To quote the Monarch, 'Lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing'. Nothing about the baby, who she is, why Rogue didn't kill her or anything clearing up what the baby is. (aside from the vague 'I am probably a Summers' pocket watch frame.) It was just a huge crossover that ended up in a bunch of plot threads and the hope that people would go out and continue to read ALL the books for some sort of conclusive ending. At least keep Xavier dead for more than one issue.Predator X was nothing more th...

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