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Layla Miller and Madrox make a startling discovery but their chances of escape appear bleak. The hunt for the baby continues as the casualties mount and a shocking turn of events reveals a traitor!

In the future, the Madrox dupe and Layla are processed in the mutant relocation camp. Their heads are shaved and Layla is taken to another section. Madrox is painfully tattooed with an M over his eye. He's told that the pigment is alive and is a virus. The tattoo will be written onto his DNA so that he will have the mark forever.

In Alberta, Canada, the X-teams gather and mourn the death of Caliban. Warpath is most distraught as Caliban sacrificed himself to save him. Cable was able to get away and has blocked himself electronically and telepathically. Wolverine is able to figure out that he's headed south. Since Cooperstown, Cable has pretty much been heading in a straight direction. Cyclops says they need to narrow down their search as Caliban's body is loaded onto the Blackbird. He tells Guido and Warpath to do it with respect as Caliban died an "X-Man."

Back at the mansion, Parodigy ics trying to fixe Cerebrra. The Stepford Cuckoos have helped David recall all his memories as Prodigy. The Blackbird takes off as Cable is now in Texas. Finally, Prodigy is able to get Cerebra up and running. The Cuckoos test it out after Surge powers it up. After getting their bearings, they detect Cable in Texas. As soon as they report this to Cyclops, he knows that Cable is headed to Forge's place at Eagle Plaza. Cyclops orders anyone in the area to get over there as soon as possible. He believes he knows what Cable is looking for and they need to stop him.

Cable smashes the semi he "borrowed" into the front of Eagle Plaza. He yells out to Forge that he's not there to fight. He says he needs a time machine really bad. Cable figures since he hasn't been shot by any defense systems that Forge can hear him. Arriving at Forge's main lab, Cable is surprised to find a bloody Forge lying on the ground. Checking to see if he's okay, Cable is immediately shot several times in the back.

Back in the future, Jamie is dragged out into the main section of the camp. The guards just dump him there not wanting to take the time to see if he's okay. Other mutants being held approach him to see how he's doing. Jamie is surprised to see their faces are marked with M's. He is unaware that he is in the same situation.

At Eagle Plaza, more blood is on the floor. Cable lies next to Forge. Bishop is seen standing over the baby holding his gun out, taking aim...

Continued in Uncanny X-Men #494


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