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The X-Men versus the Marauders and Acolytes! A rematch of the unforgettable fight from X-Men #200. But will the battle turn in favor of the X-Men this time? Not if Sinister can help it. Meanwhile the New X-Men fight Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers. Layla and Madrox continue their mission to uncover the truth of mutant extinction, friends become foes to the X-Men at the worst time possible, and whereabouts of the baby are revealed at last.

In the future, Layla Miller and Madrox are scoping out a mutant internment camp. There are no mutants in public view, and they are trying to figure out what happened to all of them. Meanwhile in the present, the X-Men have ambushed Sinister and the marauders. Emma Frost is located at the mansion, but is with them telepathically, coordinating their actions and keeping Sinister out of their minds. As battle insues the X-Men ask sinister and Gambit where they have the baby. Sinister contends that they are trying to mislead him and Gambit is confused that they don't know where the child is.

In Washington the New X-Men continue to fight the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike. It is unknown whether Hellion is still alive. As the fight continues to get worse for the young mutants, Pixie utters a spell which teleports all of them away, scattering them between Washington and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The telepathic noise generated by Pixie causes Emma Frost to break her focus from the battle. Seizing this opportunity, sinister locks her out of the battle, eliminating any edge that the few X-Men had against the Marauders. The battle becomes more intense, and both Wolverine and Nightcrawler are severely injured. Nightcrawler is barely able to teleport them away from the battle, and only manages to isolate them in the vast ice.

Back at the mansion the Sentinels of Sentinel Squad ONE begin to attack the X-Men who remained behind. Their human operators have been taken over by some unknown force, causing them to lose control over the giant robots.

Lastly, Cable makes his way on foot through the icy wilderness. Until now he was presumed dead, and he now carried with him what could be the last hope of mutantkind--the only mutant born since M-Day.


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While the ending was expected, but quicker than I thought would happen...I loved this issue. The battle of the X-Men and Marauders was epic...check it out...not even someone as badass as Wolverine gets away unscathed...everyone gets it...Then there was the continuation of the New X-Men vs The Redeemers with Lady Deathstrike...I love Lady Deathstrike and her newer look is great...I like the art here, but sometimes when they do far off shots I wasn't too pleased and the battle scenes could get mud...

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