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Major Improvements

I have really not been a part of this book for a long time...the only thing I have been enjoying has been the Endangered Species back ups. That is now over. The emotion given to this very beautiful and intelligent book is aweinspiring. This is what comics should be.

To me the makings of a good book start at the cover...just look at the art and the emotion portrayed from the cover...and it is very classy.

Then the art inside...I have not seen the X-Men done this well in a very very long time. For example, just the irritation shown on Kitty's face or the faces that Emma make at people to the anger in Bobby's face and the sadness in Cyclop's movements and body language is perfect.

Characterization is the next part and very very important as sometimes comic characters come off as cookie cutter versions of that is not the case...these characters grow and change just like real people do and they are still the characters. Great!

Resolving issues and keeping with continuity...that is also done here...also they bring in time travel and alternate dimensions and usually writers fail to do them justice...again not here...

I truly thank the creative team for this gem.

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