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HOUSE ARREST Parts 1 & 2 (of 3)

Something’s amiss at the House of Xavier! A sneak attack forces the X-Men to re-evaluate just who their friends are, and to align themselves with former enemies! The Xavier Institute will never be the same.

Polaris realizes she has lost her powers when a group of X-Men outside begin to attack the Sentinels that have surrounded the Institute. The Sentinels declare that they are not here to fight, but nevertheless several of the X-Men don’t believe them, and continue the attack, eventually getting knocked out. Havok tells the powerless Iceman that he should be involved, while Lorna decides not to tell her teammates she has lost her powers, yet they wonder why she doesn’t use them against the Sentinels. The White Queen uncovers a startling revelation about the Sentinels, that she thinks they are human, and one of the Sentinels falls on the mansion, destroying much of it. One of the Sentinels picks Polaris up and tosses her in the woods, where she is surprised to see her old friend Dr. Valerie Cooper! Meanwhile, the Sapien League are still hiding out in the forest nearby, and two of the members discuss about the mysterious Leper Queen.

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