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The ship of the x-men explode and the x-men fell into the earth, in some part of china, there was a darkhole, that was eating all. Ice-man and Juggernaut start fighting, offending them. Summers was touching the head of Xorn. Wolverine say to Drake( ice-man) that is not the moment to start a fight with Juggernaut. There was a really bad problem, the only thing that was avoiding the darkhole here, was Summers, touching Xorn's face.

The x-men were thinking how to resolve the problem. Gambit had a problem, he had something in his eyes.

Wolverine liked the idea of Juggernaut, sending Xorn to the space.

Soldiers of that zone said to the x-men that they blamed them for destroying everything, but now they knew that they didn't do it, and they apologize. The soldiers ask the x-men wat was doing Summers, Xorn was saying something, but the x-men didn't understood, but the soldiers said the thing that Xorn said "Is that u my brother?"

In the Xavier Institute...

Sammy went to ms.Frost office and he said her that some guys were talking to a tree, and he asked her if some boy that have some powers like that. Ms.Frost said to sammy that a tree is not classified like a supervillain, she thanks sammy for the information, sammy said that the boy was never found but Ms.Frost closed the door.


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