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Say What!!!??

Considering I hate Emma Frost, I'm biased... but this cover is absolutely terrible... I think it ruins the feel that the last four issues' covers have had and I feel they should have stuck with a little more of the Evolutionaries in this one.  At least the white is a nice sight. 
The Good: 
This story is absolutely amazing and the art has been stunning; it has been an extremely crazy ride from the beginning and even though it has a lot of action, it never once sacrifices any of it at the expense of extremely great narrative.  The pacing is what get the ultimate hat tip, because the reveals are placed at the right time and it provides very solid storytelling.  The "then" is very well researched, and it's pretty cool to see the old characters behaving as they did then without any "retconning."  In other words, when I'm reading the "then" parts, I feel as if I have just picked up an old X-Men comic featuring the original line-up; their voices and mannerisms are perfect and they lack the Stan Lee cheesiness that I abhor. 
The Bad: 
It's a very minor complain, but I have to dock it because of it, but I feel that this arc as a whole is dragging on a bit too much.  In the main X-Men series, it has only been the last three issues, but I have also read the Giant-Size, so maybe this is why I feel this way.  Perhaps reading that "prologue" is oversaturating the effects of the story.  Now, I'm excited that there is a next issue that will most likely culminate everything very well. 
I await a finale with excitement.  This story has been superb and I'm ready for what I hope is a terrific ending.  I'm also wondering where this will head afterwards considering the current events in both Fear Itself and the Schism story line that's about to begin.  I guess time will tell.  This, however, is a terrific issue; don't miss it!! 

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