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This is the third book that is mostly exposition although there is also quite a bit of frenetic action.  Also, how many times do they have to do to 2.5 million years ago?  Still, I can feel it coming to a head so I think we're still in good shape pacing-wise.  I liked that the Evolutionaries went from Xavier to Magneto.  Also, having just read Onslaught and how Scarlett Witch dealt with her self esteem, etc while part of the Brotherhood, I think they got her characterization perfect. Also, considering what they believe in, it's funny the reject Apocalypse in favor of Magneto.
The one thing that didn't make sense to me was that they chose the Homo Sapiens precursor to be the one to ensure evolution goes forward.  Doesn't that seem like a conflict of interest?  Wouldn't he try and sabotage humans?  
The only thing I don't like about this whole storyline is the premise behind the actions of the Evolutionaries.  Evolution is supposed to be based on the strongest and most beneficial mutations survive.  If they are being aided by these entities, then how do we know they are truly the best genes that deserve to survive.  It's like creationism masquerading as evolution.  And maybe that's the dichotomy the writers mean to strike.  That these Evolutionaries are being hypocritical.

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