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True Transition...

Meh.  I did like the previous colors and I'm saddened to say that although that one had too much color, this one has too little.  Perhaps it's the dull background that cause me to feel this way about this cover. 
The Good: 
And as usually stated, don't judge a book by it's cover because in this case, you'd be missing an awesome story.  As a scientist, this is one of the coolest and most original stories that I have read so far coming from X-Men (which is based on biological concepts to begin with).  I have been very impressed with the pacing and the art and that is certainly continued in this particular issue.  I really enjoy the parallels and the connections, up to a point (see down below). I'd highly recommend to anyone to pick up this series here and ignore both of the previous arcs.  They both severely pale in comparison to this story so far. 
The Bad: 
Emma Frost.  I usually cannot stand her in anything she's in (I deem her overrated, perhaps?), and while it's not as atrocious as it was in the previous arc, I still feel like the X-Men editors/writers are trying to shove someone that I frankly can care less about and trying to make her relevant.  I know that she's no newcomer to any of this and that she has many devout fans, but her characterization and her placement in this storyline once again feels off.  Everything about her usually feels forced, and in here it is definitely no exception.   
I don't mean to sound rude about my dislike for Emma Frost, for I'm just trying to be frank.  Her presence in the X-Men usually ruins what I would consider perfect comics (with some exceptions, of course), and this is certainly the case here.  Besides that, this story arc continues to shine among a plethora of mediocre X-Men titles, and I am very interested in seeing how it entails. 

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