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The Exposition Continues

Considering that almost all of X-Men Giant Size was an intro into this storyline, I'm surprised this one is also mostly exposition.  A lot of the next issue is like this as well.  I wonder if this is the huge story that leads into X-Men Schism?  I don't see them resolving this any time soon unless things quickly come to a head in X-Men #14.  It's also interesting that between this story arc and Prelude to Schism we're getting a lot of back story to the original X-Men.  The one that seems to be progressing forward the most (rather than dwelling in the past) is X-Men: Legacy.  
Well, it IS a neat issue in that you get to see a contrast/comparison between young leader Scott and mature leader Scott.  Both this issue and the next one also detail how things can get out of hand when everyone gets too tense to listen to the leader.

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