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The Acolytes seek out Magneto in Asteroid M, pledging to serve him in his cause. But does Magneto even still have a cause? If he does, will the X-Men have cause to oppose it?


  • The covers are homaged by future comics.


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Third Genesis? 0

This is a comic whose reputation truly precedes it. The X-men here are approaching the incredible peak of their popularity. Jim Lee was the wunderkind setting the world on fire, and Mr. Claremont was still venerated as the definitive X-men writer. This is also a book knee deep in the 90's. Many of the books from this decade did not age well, but this one doesn't fare too badly. The story concerns the classic X-men/Magneto rivalry, with the interesting twist of a new team of evil allies for Magne...

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Ages Pretty Well On Average 0

I recently picked up the 20th Anniversary edition of this seminal issue for a few reasons. First of all, I thought it was great timing what with Uncanny X-Men Vol 2 #1 coming out as a great point of comparison. Second, as someone who has always really been into the X-Men, I thought it would be neat - especially since I've been so steeped in it recently - collecting trade paperbacks and whatnot. Third, these are the X-Men I knew from the 1994 cartoon.Just like Uncanny Vol 2 #1, this issue spends ...

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