Why don't mutants just lie?

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Okay so on this other message board that I sometimes visit. Someone asked which is the most lamest team in Marvel, someone later on said the X-Men during his rant about how they are angst and so on was starting to compare them to the Fantastic Four... what im about to post is my response to this, and the bulk of what the title of this thread is about.

Yeah but then again the X-Men didnt come out and say. "We were hit by cosmic rays, and our form changed forever, in the most fantastic way. No need to fear were here, just call for 4.... Fantastic Four! Don't Need More!" You see when you blame your deformity on a freak science experiment, and blame it on the big headed guy, and proclaim that despite this abnormality you will make it you're new life mission to use these freak abilities for the betterment of mankind, and then by proving it a few times with of nothing less than preventing world domination or the destruction of the human race, people tend to look the other way when you're flying around on fire, and smashing The Hulk with a bus. Now if the X-Men were smart they would have said screw Xavier and his telepathic demands im gonna stick with this story. "I was on a school trip and got bitten by a radioactive (insert vermin/animal of choice here), and I gained the abilities of it." <--- that works for alot of the physical strange looking mutants. For the ones that are grotesue looking, just say. "I was a geeky such and such and I got pushed around by some unknown person and fell into a vat of Toxic Chemicals and became as such, don't hate me because I have bad luck." People will more than likely pitty them and atleast leave them alone... might get teased by children but atleast your not being hunted and killed. For the ones with vast mental powers.. "I've been practicing X religion and have reached such and such a level of consciousness that I can now telepathically/telekinetically do such and such." for people like Cyclops.. "I created cybornetic implants, unfortunately i miscalculated and now I can't turn them off." lol

Now after this it came to me, why the hell don't mutants just lie about their mutations? Would you guys have come up with a lie or just tried to hide mutantion, or just come out as mutants?
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if they lied about being mutants, how would the story progress? them being hunted and being recruited to the X-Mn and the Academy makes the story better.

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Also would you hide your true nature. Their heros man, they dont cower in the face of adversity, they teach us all a lesson by standing up to the bad guys. Not lying about stuff to avert a thrashing.

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Its called making a stand, if you just bow down everytime somebody doesnt like the way you look or the color of your skin or your nationality then nothing would ever be done to change it.

They dont lie about being mutants cause they shouldnt have to.
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Also they have the mutant gene. Anyone could do a DNA test and show that they are indeed mutants. Do sentienls track down mutants. So if they saw Spider-Man he would be fine but then have someone like shadowcat next him and it reads her as a mutant. They are different in more ways then just powers.

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What would have happened if they had lied all those years ago, and then they were outed at some point. The hysteria and mistrust would have been worse, and even somewhat warranted. The mutants would have only been setting themselves up for an even worse smack down that the Mutant Massacre. Plus, you have those like Magneto and Xavier (though they are on opposite side of the coin) who have always been proud to call themselves mutants. Their pride, ego, and self-esteem would never have let them do other than what they've done.

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Rated R Superstar says:

"Its called making a stand"

Hence the movie title.

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Yes I get what you're all saying, and its true and it sounds about right for those who can shoot optic beams from their eyes, or those who can control the masses with a simple thought, but what about the non-super special mutants. The ones that don't get picked to join the X-Clusive X-Men, those who are just bizzare looking and nothing more. Sure a sentinel could come and out them, but they'd be dead before it really matter to anyone else. I guess thats the life you are in for it seems. :) This was more of a is it good or is it bad kind of topic. My own opinion is very much the same as the majority of you, but I kind see the reasoning for the opposing side to. I mean, someone like Fish Boy could have possibly lived a better life or maybe longer life if he did come up with a more creative origin for himself.

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old topic but a good one if you ask me.
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Nobody should be made to feel like they have to hide who they are. If Mutants simply lied and blended in, nothing would change. You gotta fight for your rights cause no one else is going to do it for you. If they die in the process its still better then hiding (in my opinion).  
"Die for something, or live for nothing." -Rambo-

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What's really absurd about the conception of all these Marvel mutants is that a mutation should be a random thing. In fact, a mutation is something that should NOT happen, because it means that a genetic split went wrong and miscopied the original. So, the odds of one coming along are rare, and when it happens it could spread from there and maybe, big MAYBE, could replace the mother species.
Now, what is going on in the Marvel Universe is another thing. All these mutants are popping up from everywhere, all over the world, and it keeps going on. This would make it stupid to avoid. Why fight it then? Human genes will mutate anyway, in one generation or 2, so pretty soon everyone there will be a mutant. In Marvel, Humans aren't being fought away, they are being bread away... what's the point, then?

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not everyone can hide their uniqueness. Take for example Marrow or for that matter most of the Morlocks. plus it is an example of how many people are prosecuted because they are different or related to those that are different. Mutants could be parallel to those of different races, religion, deformity, disorders or sexual orientation. 

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there have been ones that did. and then some mutant hunter of some sort detected them and came along and took them out.
they were alone with no one to defend them because they never let anyone know, or turned away those who did. who you are is your fight whether you want it or not.

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If I were a mutant I'd probably put on a costume and lie. Reminds me of Skin in Generation X was trying to save people from a sinking ferry. They didn't want his help cuz he was a mutant so he said he was just a normal guy bitten by a radioactive elephant.

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Because that would be way too easy

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this is why no-one at Marvel knows how to write. I mean if all of the other freaks are excepted then why aren't the Mutants, the only other freaks that get crapped on are the ones who are evil, or can't help them selves from doing stupid things like the Hulk. just more proof as to why Marvel needs. to lose the X-Men to the Kirby estate, and mabye Marvel can pull itself out of the gutter it's fell into, o wait yeah that's right they can't Disney is going to have to save em now.
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Other outted mutants would probably hate you though. Remember the original X-Factor? They were hated....but yeah I'd still lie.

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