Freaks of Nature That Look Like Us

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            Another Twilight Zone inspired topic.  I was recently watching one of the episodes which is considered a classic of the show “Eye of the Beholder” (spoilers to follow).  In it we find that there is a woman lying in a hospital bed having undergone some cosmetic surgery to hopefully cure her of her deformity.  She pleads with the doctors to remove her bandages early to remove her bandages early, and after a painstaking process we find a beautiful young woman, but to our surprise this is a failure on the part of the surgery as the medical staff is revealed to be evolved humans with unbalanced faces and snout like noses.  As the procedure has not worked she is sent off to live in a colony of “ugly” people, where she can fit in.  There are a few other themes in this episode, such as dystopian society where everyone must conform.

            In terms of comics though, those who are different do not fit in but often for the same reasons (of being very attractive).  Of course some of this goes off to the medium of being in comics where almost everyone is attractive, but with only a cursory look at for instance the X-Men it is clear that they are not like the rest of humans just by looking at them.  That’s not because they look different (some of them do) but because they look exceptional.  Generally speaking as well because of basic human psychology, people who are more attractive command more respect and are given authority based often on their looks and not on their capabilities.  Thus in actuality most of the X-Men would not be shunned, they would be idolized (I know there are some more exotic looking mutants).  In comparison to the episode where beauty is a curse, for the X-Men it most assuredly is not, as they live in a society where their outward appearance is desired.  The Knights of Wundagore might have something to complain about, the X-Men not so much. 

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Half agree with that. Being an example of the mold of generally agreed and or taught attractiveness doesn't always command actual respect, it sometimes brings admiration more in the line of wanting to be that person, or more clearer, wanting what they have for oneself, instead of any actual props being given to the attractive party, usually in our case a star. Most celebrities are able to discern between false and empty applaud and the real thing.And this leading into envy or jealousy of course, hence why we see every perceived flaw or mistake of a known example of attractiveness in our media, to the point of establishing a basic agreement to view the person in a lesser light just by their being. I would say Megan Fox is a current good example of a person constantly under scrutiny extending out of the fact that she has become world known for her beholden beauty. And of course the finality of such a mindset can lead up to an outright distrust for the person, even for their factor of attractiveness, and especially in societies that subscribe to the belief that beauty is in fact power, and power of another being something to be feared. I can see where there might be a relevancy to the mutants plight in that when rearranged a bit, but being very mindful of the fact that they are heavily noticed and under watch in their worlds view and media, or sticks out like a sore thumb whether do to being glamorous or not, good attention or bad attention is still attention, ect.

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