So how much longer will Uncanny X-Force remain a secret?

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How much longer can Uncanny X-force keep it a secret from the rest of the X-men?

With the cast of today's x-force currently still dealing with Archangel and his Apocalypse fetish (which continuity-wise, I am guessing is supposed to have all happened before the stories seen in 'Schism' and 'Regenisis'),

and with all of us already knowing that this whole cross over with the 'AoA' will not only bring us a Nightcrawler and possibly another character to the 616 universe, this whole thing has got to have repercussions that affect the real world.

How are they going to hide a blue man with a tail who everybody thinks is dead? Nightcrawler is gonna be hard to hide, teleporter or not..

And considering that Magneto knows about Wolverine hiding X-force from Cyclops and the rest of the X-men, and the fact that Magneto is on Cyclops' side after 'Schism',

for what reason would Magneto keep that a secret from Scott?

Magneto did sort of make a deal with Wolverine that if he did a job for him (uncanny x-force issue 9), that Magneto wouldn't say anything. It wasn't really said in words, I'd have to look at the issue again, but it was sort of a trade off that they both had secrets on each other.

Other than those reasons,

as well as considering that Archangel is missing from the pages of all xmen books except his apocalyptic bad-assery in the pages of Uncanny X-force,

and how Wolverine and Pyslocke were talking about being in x-force mere seconds before Cyclops came in the door in the pages of Regenisis,

not to mention how Psylocke is on Scott's side after 'Schism' but is still choosing to stay with Wolverine's X-force since they've made a pact,

there just seems to be so many crazy things going on, I just don't know what to expect next from Uncanny X-force!!! I am pumped to see how this all plays out.

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Actually psylocke stays on x-force because she agree's with x-force's mission BUT does not see herself as a teacher or being around children, so she chose wolverine but not his place of business. She fits in more at utopia but british body psylocke back in the day would have sided and stayed with wolverine

But yea the AoA nightcrawler thing is where I have no idea how they can remain secret yet he's now in the 616 and sides with wolverine XD

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I forgot to mention how they're bringing Deathlok into their world as well. Keeping a psychotic cyborg with it's own alterior motives around to guard your secret base could potentially blow their cover..... man Deathlok Prime is just an amazing addition to the team, he's just a perfect fit for the mood set in xforce.

You know how on the intro pages to every uncanny xforce book there's pictures of each members face beside their name?? Once Archangel leaves the team (or does he?), and Nightcrawler joins the team, I *REALLY* think both Deathlok and Nightcrawler deserve their own!! It already bugs me that Deathlok even has his own xforce uniform and is considered a member, yet doesnt have his face at the beginning of each issue he's a part of.... just a little nit pick!

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There is also that thing with Archangel blowing up a whole damn town. CNN may pic up on that.

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