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"In Deep"

Danielle Moonstar is a member of the Mutant Liberation Front, though undercover for unknown means and unknown authority. She trains and performs missions with the team, but she does not share the same ideals. Her loyalties are tested when Reignfire allies the MLF with a Chinese rebel group called 3-Peace.

"Siryn Song"

During a visit to Cassidy Keep, Siryn hears an odd lullaby. Investigating, Siryn finds an old woman in a strange home who imparts some wisdom.

Note: Includes the following pin-ups:

  • Cable and Domino by John K. Snyder
  • Warpath by Larry Stroman
  • Shatterstar by Bryan Kong and Mike Sellers
  • Grizzly and Domino by Steve Epting
  • Deadpool by Ken Lashley and Batt
  • Feral by Mark Pennington
  • Boomer by Val Semelk and Bob Wiacek
  • Shatterstar by Jim Fern and Andrew Pepoy

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