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The members of X-Force, along with Sam Guthrie, continue to enjoy their down-time at a bowling alley in West Nathan, Texas.  Their games come to an end, however, when Tabitha Smith uses her mutant power of creating minor explosive charges to liven things up, eliciting scowls from the other alley patrons.  As they depart, Roberto Dacosta and Tabitha quietly discuss how to handle their possible attraction to each other, and whether or not to tell Sam, Tabitha's boyfriend, that she and Roberto shared a kiss.
Meanwhile, aboard an empty oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico, the de-powered Domino fights a series of battles against super-powered opponents.  Her purpose is two-fold: to earn position as bodyguard for international crime-lord Etienne Rousseau, and more importantly to her, to prove to herself she still has what it takes to survive in her world of intrigue.  Domino defeats her latest opponent, Snakeskin, and before long, Arcade, the organizer of the competition, introduces her next foe: Shatterstar.  'Star expresses his regrets to Domino, but he is forced by Arcade to fight her in order to save his friend, Julio Richter, from the assassin's deathtrap.  Julio is captive in a cell surrounded by globes filled with nitroglycerin, preventing him from using his powers as Rictor to free himself.
The fight commences, and although Shatterstar inflicts a few flesh wounds, Domino perseveres and emerges triumphant, knocking 'Star out.  Arcade and Rousseau enter, and Domino decapitates Arcade with one of Shatterstar's swords.  This Arcade is revealed to be merely a robot.  When Rousseau offers Dom the bodyguard position, however, she takes him into custody, fulfilling her true assignment, the crime-lord's arrest.  As Shatterstar recovers, Arcade watches the events on screen, accompanied by Mojo, who reiterates his claim of owning 'Star.
Back in Texas, most of the gang prepares to make a food run, with Roberto and Tabitha staying behind in their motel room.  Thinking the others are gone, they embrace and kiss.  Returning for his forgotten wallet, Sam discovers the pair.  Furious, he turns and blasts off, leaving his friends.

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