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The X-Force is on the road following Cable to his safehouse! But could a disagreement break up the gang forever?

On a New Mexico highway, Siryn, Sunspot and Moonstar release Meltdown, Shatterstar and Rictor from the Zeto Tolerance truck in which they've been held captive.

In the tunnel beneath the Xavier Institute, Ozymandias plants a memory in Cable's mind that Caliban is safe with an ally, when, in fact, he is there to collect Caliban for Apocalypse.

In the parallel dimension where he has found the Vanisher, Warpath is set upon by the pack of cartoon-like 'dogs'. The creatures become docile when, at Vanisher's suggestion, James begins to tell them a story.

With S.H.I.E.L.D.'s aid, X-Force finds and retrieves Domino from an Oklahoma diner, but before she leaves, she thanks the trucker, Spencer, for his help. As the team flies away, they encounter another aircraft, piloted, as it turns out, by Cable.

They all make it Cable's safehouse in North Carolina, where Domino, unsure of her place in X-Force, takes her leave. Later, inside the cabin, Cable explains his plan for X-Force to lay low with false identities. The team declines, opting to trust Cable's past training in making their way through the uncertain future. Cable accepts their decision, then he departs.

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