X-Force #52

    X-Force » X-Force #52 - Bad Girls released by Marvel on March 1996.

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    Shatterstar faces a cold truth when he loses a duel to Warpath. Meanwhile, the coming Onslaught is hinted at when Meltdown (formerly Boom-Boom), Domino and Siryn confront the Blob.

    At the mansion, Shatterstar questions his abilities when he loses to Warpath. Domino, Meltdown, and Siryn confront the Blob and see a few more clues about Onslaught. Sunspot and Caliban witness the death of the External Gideon.


    At Camp Hayden, Domino leads Siryn and Meltdown through the facilities to follow up and make sure that the Nimrod project really got scrapped. The three are able to break in but are surprised to find that the whole place is completely empty. They are also surprised to see the word "Onslaught" spray painted on a wall. They are mostly surprised to find a huger, power-augmented Blob. The ladies initiate a fight, but Blob takes them out easily.

    At Xavier's Institute, Warpath and Shatterstar spar; Warpath wins. This sends Shatterstar into a morose mood, as he can't help but feel that his skill is slipping to unacceptable levels.

    Back at Camp Hayden, Meltdown maneuvers herself atop the Blob and slips time bomb down his throat. Neither Domino nor Siryn - nor the Bob - knows if Meltdown will really detonate the thing. Siryn begins to panic, but Domino lets it all play out, as she wants to see how the new Meltdown attitude will play out in combat. Fortunately for all involved, Meltdown was bluffing, extracts the bomb almost on a whim, and reabsorbs it. She then pops the Blob's eardrums, which incapacitates him. The ladies wonder for a second what they should do with the Blob, but the Mimic shows up and whisks the Blob away while mumbling something about their employer being none-too-pleased.

    Elsewhere in New York, Sunspot and Caliban emerge from the sewers to meet up with the External, Gideon. They find him - thrown from a high window to his death in the street. This puzzles Sunspot, as Externals should not die.



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    New Life 0

    The Jeph Loeb run in X-Force is difficult to swallow at times. His arrival really switched things up. One of the biggest is Boomer/Meltdown's attitude shift. While I don't approve of the harsher change this little firecracker has made, I do love how Loeb writes it. The new attitude is acknowledged by everyone and this change brings a few concerns. These aren't merely looked over so as to pop up in uncomfortable situations (convenient conflict for the future) but they are approached head on. In t...

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