X-Force #50

    X-Force » X-Force #50 - Target: Cable released by Marvel on January 1996.

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    X-Force turns on their leader! And Sage’s psy-powers might be to blame! Can Cable and Domino right this wrong before either of them are taken out…permanently?

    Sebastian Shaw has Tessa (Sage) brainwash the whole team to hunt and kill Cable, who is with Domino trying to find the team. Cable takes on the whole team in a couple battles. Shatterstar stabs Domino. Cable fills the team with memories and they snap out of it.


    X-Force gears up and assembles to learn of their mission from their leaders, Sebastian Shaw, Lady Tessa, and Holocaust. The mission: kill Cable. X-Force is very excited.

    In Manhattan, Cable and Domino continue their search for their missing team. They find the alley where Shatterstar was taken and are ambushed by X-Force. At first Cable pulls his punches, as he doesn't want to hurt his team if this is more like a drill or joke. But Warpath makes it clear that he's out for blood and Cable and Domino barely escape. X-Force pursues and Cable notes that he can't register anything with his psi-link with the team.

    Cable and Domino head to the roof and Caliban tries to follow them into an elevator shaft. Cable drops the elevator on Caliban's head. On the roof, the two are accosted by Sunspot and Shatterstar. Cable takes out Sunspot with a telekinetic hit, which drops Shatterstar to the roof and into combat with Domino. He ends up impaling her in the shoulder and Cable sends a shot to Shatterstar's ribs (which he had recently fractured). Cable grabs Domino and carries her off the roof - through a bank's skylight. Sunspot follows and Cable incapacitates him with a concussion grenade. With a moment's respite, Cable digs into Sunspot's mind; he finds a way past Tessa's defenses and Sunspot begins speaking Askani. Cable asks him to fly the three out.

    On the rooftop, Sebastian Shaw and Holocaust find the incapacitated body of Shatterstar. Holocaust wants to kill him. Shaw sees tact in letting Shatterstar live (for fear of another entering the battle unwanted if Shatterstar dies). Tessa then alerts Shaw of Sunspot's break. Shaw calls out to X-Force to finish the job.

    In Central Park, Cable leaves Domino and Sunspot behind as a fall-back. He then heads out to meet X-Force alone. They charge at him and attack with some heavy hits. Cable, however, reaches into their minds and plants memories of their past selves. As each sees their histories played out, Cable reminds them that they can choose to remember who they really are. This snaps every single one of them out of Tessa's control. X-Force returns home.

    Elsewhere, Shaw explains to Holocaust that they are not completely out of the fight, as they have learned valuable lessons. Holocaust respects Shaw's tactics... for now.



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    Ah, anniversary issues. So much hype, so little delivery.The Good: A fight between Cable and his team is a great idea. The execution is done well, as Cable and Domino attempt to defeat each team member singly. Loeb throws in some cheesy dialogue, but it's Loeb. Pollina's art is great in places but merely so-so in others. I guess a bigger issue means a tighter deadline and some shortcuts. It mostly works, though, and I'm grateful.The Bad: The freaking ending. 1) Happy thoughts save the day? 2) No...

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