X-Force #5

    X-Force » X-Force #5 - Under the Magnifying Glass released by Marvel on December 1991.

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    Deadpool catches Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy and delivers them to a mysterious figure. Toad and Blob capture Carl Lykos and his love, Tanya. Toad wants Carl to turn back to Sauron. X-Force deals with reports of them being menaces and a threat. Feral flirts with Shatterstar in the Danger Room while Warpath prepares for revenge. In the end, Carl Lykos is changed back in to Sauron.


    Deadpool arrives in the European base for his boss, Tolliver, with Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut in tow. Black Tom is nearly dead and the Juggernaut pleads for some sort of intervention. Tolliver assures him that his friend will be spared, but that the men will have a steep price to pay for such aid.

    In the streets of Manhattan, Karl Lykos walks home to enjoy a nice evening with his lady, Tanya. Upon entering his apartment, however, he finds Tanya subdued by the Blob and Toad. The Blob pins Karl to the wall and Toad explains that they have a need for Sauron to reemerge to help take out all the upstart X-Groups. They need Karl's alter ego to join the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

    At the X-Force base, Cable, Domino, Boom Boom, and Cannonball watch as Gideon vilifies the X-Force team on television. Gideon states that while the plan to take the businessmen hostage at the World Trade Center was the idea of Black Tom, it was Cable's team that made things worse. In fact, he claims, Cable must have been working with Black Tom all along. The X-Force members assembled can't believe what they hear. Cable, however, is almost pleased. He feels their enemies will have to take them a bit more seriously. Cannonball and Boom Boom don't like this negative label, but they will stick with the group - not because they trust Cable but because they want to see things through.

    Outside, Warpath runs out his rage over the oppression he people has endured. He remembers fallen leaders and broken promises. He vows revenge against the Hellfire Club for wiping out his people.

    Feral secretly watches Shatterstar train. He is exact and dangerous. It excites her. Once he's finished she makes herself known, an act that angers Shatterstar because he doesn't like people watch him. Feral flirts, not taking him seriously. She leaves with an invitation to finish their wrestling match from the woods at any time.

    Cable catches up with Siryn and asks her when she wants to head back to Muir Island. She admits that there isn't much to go back to. The two agree that X-Force may be the perfect place for her, especially since Cable could use someone a little older to help out with his young team.

    In a meeting in Washington, D.C., it is determined that Val Cooper's X-Factor team is not yet ready to take on Cable and so the task again falls to G.W. Bridge. Bridge demands to know why he's supposed to arrest Cable. He's been going on orders alone up until now and he's sick of it, especially since he has a history with Cable. All he can get is that Cable's actions with his new team is making it hard for upstanding mutants to have a good name. Peter Gyrich then pipes up that Project: Wideawake is back online. Regardless of who gets Cable, the man is going down.

    In an abandoned warehouse, Toad has Karl Lykos and his girlfriend, Tanya, strapped to a machine. The machine, it is explained, will transfer the essence of Tanya to Karl, a process that will effectually transform Karl into Sauron. The process begins as Karl pleads on behalf of Tanya's life, as well as the life he's found as a regular man. The pleadings are unheeded and Karl disappears, being replaced by the winged mutant Sauron.


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