X-Force #44

    X-Force » X-Force #44 - ...Already in Progress... released by Marvel on July 1995.

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    X-Force is beginning a new era. First off, Sunspot's powers are enhanced and he can fly. Cannonball graduates to the X-Men. Rictor leaves and Caliban joins. And Siryn is committed? Cable vows the future looks bright, but all this change is going to take some getting used to.


    X-Force has been loafing around the Xavier Institute while Professor Xavier and Cable have a prolonged discussion. Cannonball, Boomer, Shatterstar, and Rictor pace outside Xavier's office until Domino finally kicks them out. The group meets up with Sunspot outside but disperse when he tries to get one of them to fly with him. Everyone is still uneasy about Sunspot's new powers and appearance.

    Warpath puts in a call to Banshee to see if he knows where Siryn has been. Banshee has no idea. Boomer and Shatterstar try to use the Danger Room but find it already in use by Sabretooth, who seems very content just lounging about with forest animals. Cannonball wanders the halls of the school and reminisces about his time there as a student. He seriously wonders if X-Force will be disbanded.

    Cable reaches out to his team telepathically and everyone meets up in Professor Xavier's office. Cable announces some changes. First, instead of working at odds with the X-Men, X-Force will now be living at the school and working alongside the X-Men. Also: the team gets new uniforms. Also: Caliban, the mutant-tracking mutant, is joining the team. Also: Cable will be communicating with the team telepathically more often. Also: Cannonball is off the team, as he has graduated to the X-Men.

    All this news causes ripples throughout the team. Warpath is very excited to have Caliban join them, as finding Siryn should be easier. Cannonball and Boomer remain positive that their relationship can continue despite being on different teams. Rictor decides that Cable being in his head is a deal-breaker and leaves, which disappoints Shatterstar.

    At the Weisman Institute for the Criminally Insane, Siryn is roughly admitted/committed.


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