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One Will Die... 2

 So this is the big death issue!  I will do my best to not spoil it for anyone, but I will say this:  it's a great scene.This book has some awesome art and inking.  It's probably the best that we've seen so far in Second Coming.  The colors pop off the page in places, and the characters are drawn amazingly.Picking up from part 04, the X teams are spread out trying to get Hope back to Utopia.  The book starts with Bastion saying it's time for him to go out and fight.  Wolverine's team and Cable a...

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"I assume it's bad." 0

Second Coming comes to X-Force.  In the effort to get Hope to Utopia, one will fall ensuring her safety.    What You Need to Know. Hope and Cable are back.  Bastion is the big Baddie (as of now).  A member of the team is in critical condition and another has already died, not to mention Illyana, who has been transported somewhere the X-Men don't know.  Scott and Emma are directing the team.  Cerebra is out, but the enemy has it's own version.  The team splits up to bring Hope to Utopia.  The Goo...

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Finally some goosebumps from a comic. 1

 They had been preparing us for this one. Everyone speculated and made assumptions, but let me tell you, it's nothing till you read it.   The Good: About the death, it was spectacular, i was worried that it would be forced, but it was superbly written and drawn, emotional, shocking and beautiful. There was this really good scene, when a part of the team finds out about the death, that was brilliantly drawn. Aside from the death the issue was good, I enjoyed specially seeing Bastion finall...

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You Got My Attention, X-Men 0

So I haven't reviewed any of "Second Coming" to this point. I've been off the X-Men wagon for a while and wanted to get my legs back under me, so to speak. I've loved the storyline so far. The action, the pace, the inter-title action reminds me a lot of "Sinestro Corps War." That's a pretty good storyline to be on par with. Let's see what happens here...THE GOOD:- What was the solicit for this one? An X-Man will die? Well, one did. It's obviously carrying the weight of this issue. I can't compla...

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Wow 1

So everybody knew that this issue was gonna play a major part on the second coming story line, so something big or at least relevant was expected. I have to say this issue for me didnt disapoint in slightest, the implications of the events in this issue could have a lasting effect on the xmen as a whole not just the black ops team.  The fights where awesome in there staging and representations of character, i  particularly liked rogues brawl and the team work manouver from x-23 and pyslocke. The...

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Calculating Counter-Measures 0

F$%&!  I should have known what I was getting myself into reading a Kyle & Yost book, these guys are on the way out and they're taking everyone down with them.   F$%&!  So for those of you who picked up this issue and were wondering what the heck just happened, let me fill you in, this is part five of Second Coming, a big crossover in the style of Messiah CompleX. If you don't know what's going on from that, go search for the crossover and start from chapter one, we'll wait. But I th...

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Not Enough Time to Say Good-Bye 0

 X-Force #26Second Coming: Chapter 05I’m actually kind of glad that I didn’t have time to type up my review earlier and had a moment to reflect on what happened in this issue. Second Coming has been hitting us hard and fast, faster than I ever expected. With the state of decompressed story telling that we are used to in comics the events of this issue were so sudden that it took a little bit of time for this issue to actually sink in. Kyle, Yost, and the other X-writers are giving us a bl...

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What the X-men Should Be at All Times 0

In a world of overpriced comics constantly plunging into melodramatic story lines with thousands of one shots and cash cow mini-series, the average casual comic aficionado (I know that sounds like an oxymoron) becomes quite jaded at times. Now, X-Force is a fascinating book in that upon its launch it followed a black ops X-men team with Wolverine, X-23 and other assorted mutants. After a hiatus from the series I find it has become another stepping stone in the current Second Coming arc. I was ap...

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The heat is on...the good don´t last too long 0

In this issue it´s non stop action and frenzy, like the previous four chapters. Mike Choi's art is awesome, I´ve liked very much of :  A) the first 2 pages, where Bastion has locked his targets (the X-Men in different areas), as well the Bastion scene with Lang (he´s a very cunning foe); B) The X-Men fighting their oponents (like Psylocke throwing X-23 to hit a plane); C) The fight between Rogue and Bastion; D) The final struggle of Kurt to save Hope. Despite some comments I think the side stori...

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