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Graymalkin is set to explode, and there's only one person besides Cable who can deactivate the ticking time bomb! Meanwhile, Deadpool is on the hunt for Vanessa and Tina…who hit the town as "twins"!

War Machine is brought in by SHIELD to take out X-Force. X-Force puts up a good fight and wins. At Camp Verde, Siryn, Warpath, and Boomer are captured by the Externals. Like all of Cable's bases, Graymalkin blows up.

Note: The cast of Cheers is seen in the bar Tina and Vanessa visit.


X-Force has taken down a small SHIELD unit to protect their old leader's property. With Cable dead, Graymalkin is ripe for the picking and War Machine is the next opponent to questions X-Force's right to claim any part of Cable's legacy. Never willing to be a team that rolls over, X-Force willingly takes on War Machine. As the fight commences, Cannonball blasts around and War Machine collapses part of the space station's structure on top of him. This damage causes an alarm to begin sounding. Sunspot and Rictor attack War Machine from two different angles. The metal man fights back by firing some rubber bullets at the team. This is already too hot for Lila Cheney and she teleports out of the fight. Professor alerts that his functions are incrementally decreasing and is approaching the need to purge his interior of any cause of problems (the people fighting). Fury doesn't help things by firing a huge gun at Feral, missing, and creating a big hole in a wall. As the dust from this blast settles, War Machine does a scan and fails to register any of the opposition. Shatterstar leaps from nowhere and engages War Machine.

Elsewhere, Sunspot frees Cannonball from the rubble. Cannonball admits that he's fine and would have just normally blasted his way out but that he didn't want to cause any more structural damage. Smart, as Professor tells everyone that, coupled with the current damage, the Stark satellite that crashed into Graymalkin released an electromagnetic pulse and damaged it to the point that it needed to rid any anomalies. In sum, Graymalkin needs to self-destruct. Cannonball asks what can be done to prevent this and Professor explains that Cable could override the command if he were alive.

Back at Camp Verde, Warpath, Boomer, and Siryn return from their trip to Phoenix. Seeing none of the teammates around, Siryn takes to the air. Still finding no one around, the trio heads to the bunker. The External Saul awaits them and takes them unawares with a blast. He mocks the notion that Gideon could find any threat in X-Force.

Near Chicago, Domino and Grizzly visit the home of Hammer and his mother. Domino asks Hammer for help in locating Cable's team. Hammer is only interested if it involves killing Cable. Domino states this mission is not for revenge but for keeping Cable's legacy alive.

On Graymalkin, Bridge confronts Cannonball and accuses him of causing this mess they are all in. Cannonball loses it and knocks the crap out of Bridge. He can't understand why no one will let them simply find Cable's stuff and be gone. At that point, a huge explosion rocks the space station. Cannonball and Sunspot fall to a lower level while the rest of the occupants brush the dust off. At this point, Lila Cheney reappears and offers to get everyone out of the station. Rictor suggests they find Fury's crew first.

Below, Cannonball and Sunspot are led by Professor to the main control room of Graymalkin. Saving the station in its entirety is out of the question but there is a secondary override in place that could stop some of the more immediate problems within the base. Professor, sadly, doesn't know who has the authority to exercise this secondary override. Sunspot urges Cannonball to try. Sure enough, the name Samuel Guthrie works. The immediate self-destruct is overridden and Professor informs the two that certain things within the base must be exorcised before the base is able to re-cloak itself. Professor welcomes the help of two of Cable's "children." This term shocks Sunspot and Cannonball.

In Boston, Tina Valentino and Copycat head out for a night on the town. Copycat has morphed into her friend and they pretend to be twins. They visit the Cheers bar and banter with Sam Malone.

In India, Deadpool has finally found Tolliver's safehouse containing all the personnel files. He threatens a clerk after having already taken out a small army. The clerk is more than willing to help. He hands Deadpool a file and he gathers some clues as to where his old girl Copycat might be lurking. Boston looks good...

Back on Graymalkin, Fury's team realizes that the station is coming apart. Fury calls to abort and Bridge, ever wishful to stick it to Cable, tries to stay. Fury orders everyone out. They spot X-Force and head over in hopes that Lila will be able to get them all to safety.

In the control room, Cannonball decides to jettison a few things to Camp Verde. The weapons cache and the main cargo bay and sent off. The last thing to decide is what will happen with the Time Displacement Core. Cannonball chooses to drop it into the ocean. Just then, Professor notes immediate problems. The station blows up.


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love the issue but war machine won the fight 0

clearly the critic is a X-force fan ... cause Warmachine won the Fight ..even holding back he was kicking their Butts i mean the had no chance , Feral ran away too and if Lila hand't teleported everyone to the shuttle Warmachine would have stomped them. ...

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Hitting Its Stride 0

The main problem with the earlier X-Force books was the fact that they were over far too soon. Most of the issues were filled with great action sequences but very little character evolution. With naught but action, each book could be read all-too easily. Anything longer than ten minutes simply meant you were looking too long at the pictures. The writing was just too sparse in between all those battles. Now, however, the book has some depth. Yes, X-Force still manages to get their nose stuck in s...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

X-Force #21 0

Listen, I’m writing this in a state of semi-consciousness, pretty darn tired after a long day of buying trade paperbacks and air conditioners (singular, just one). So whatever. This is a great issue. Actually, this entire stretch of issues is great. I’ve written about my love for the Nicieza/Capullo era of X-Force before. It’s not Sandman, it’s not New X-Men, it’s honestly not overly smart, it’s just good. Like, really good. And because of it being really good, it’s GREAT.As in, it doesn’t try t...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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