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Seven issues. I bought seven issues of this series. I walked out to the comic book store seven times and gave them $3.00 every time. And I feel like it was a wasted investment.
All this crossover did (and in the last issue I thought there was about 5 different directions) was allow Apocalypse to learn of Hope Summers. If there was anything else major that happened, it was too over my head to notice. I loved the opening issues and I thought this was going to play out in a very entertaining way. But about half way through the crossover I was feeling lost and bored.

This Issue :
The art was messy, but I say that every time. The story resolved, but the drama everyone was going through didn't connect with me. I understand that X-23 wasn't willing to kill Kiden and that even though her powers were keeping X-Force from going home, she wasn't going to kill her friend. I got that Stryfe and Cable were both trying to keep their hands on Hope. I got that Apocalypse has come back and that Stryfe stood no chance of fighting back. But why was this all important???! Why did we need a seven issue story to tell this story? Why did X-Force really need to be there? 

The last few pages with X-23 had me very confused as to what was going on*. The scene with Bishop at the end made me feel like I was watching Dave Madden in a comic book, YOU'RE JUST TELLING ME THINGS I KNEW 6 ISSUES AGO!! If not 2 years ago during Messiah CompleX.

I didn't like this issue and I didn't really like the crossover as a whole. I felt like I was getting ripped off. I wouldn't tell anyone to pick it up
(*Note - I have since gone back and re-read the entire crossover as a whole, and the X-23 part makes more sense and it ties into the story that bookends this crossover involving Leper Queen and I found it funny, smart and just too clever for the tone of this book, thus I didn't see it coming and it was a plus)

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