X-Force #14

    X-Force » X-Force #14 - Payback! released by Marvel on September 1992.

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    Cable's base has been blown up and Cable wants Tolliver's head, the man that has been in the shadows causing trouble. Cable and "Domino" are split up from the rest of X-Force. X-Force defeats Weapon Prime and are then attacked by SHIELD. Crule comes after Cannonball. Cable finds the real Domino held prisoner by Tolliver and Deadpool.


    In the aftermath of the X-Force base blowing up, Cable and Domino emerge about three miles downstream. Tolliver, Cable knows, is responsible; responsible for the betrayal of Domino (whom he doesn't know is really the shapeshifter Copycat), responsible for the blowing up of his base, and, most importantly, the deaths of his students/teammates. For this, Cable vows death for Tolliver - and nothing less.

    Unbeknownst to Cable, X-Force is able to emerge from the blast due to Cannonball's ability to wrap his impenetrable blast shield around everyone. Well, almost everyone: Grizzly, Yeti, and Tygerstryke are missing. Also, Rictor, G.W. Bridge, and Garrison Kane are in a bad way, but that is mostly due to the fight they had just endured. Kane seems to defy the odds by trying to arrest X-Force by himself. His lone gun (and missing arm) don't worry X-Force at all. Kane, however, has other plans. A SHIELD unit arrives in time to arrest the group. Hiding, Crule, the External, learns that Cable is no longer with X-Force. This makes his task of eliminating Cannonball a bit easier.

    Back downstream, a SHIELD helicopter scans for Cable and Domino. Cable bodyslides them to the Graymalkin, the location of the X-Force gear. Cable gets loaded up and he and Domino head to Italy to take Tolliver down once and for all.

    X-Force, it seems, is more than capable of taking out the new SHIELD arrivals. They blast and pummel their way into commandeering the main assault ship. When Kane tries to take Boom-Boom at gunpoint, Rictor shakes the gun apart and declares that as long as Cable is out of the picture then he will stand by his friends. X-Force calls SHIELD for some back-ups to pick up the marooned soldiers and leaves in the SHIELD IPAC unit.

    In New Mexico, Mr. Joshua begins the second phase of the testing on Sunspot, despite any reservations he has about the safety of Sunspot.

    Aboard the IPAC unit, X-Force tries to figure their next course of action. As they fly over Newfoundland, Cannonball figures that Xavier's Mansion or Moira's laboratory could be options. Warpath then offers his burnt out reservation. It should suit them while they try to figure out other plans. Just then, Crule busts through the wall and takes Cannonball. He threatens to sever the new High Lord's branches to prove that an immortal mutant can die.

    In Italy, Domino shows Cable the back way to entering Tolliver's base of operations. Cable announces their arrival by blasting a huge hole in the wall. Pico welcomes them and tries to act menacingly with an electric whip. Cable shoots him to near death. Domino, who is really Copycat, sees the real Domino shackled to the wall, alive. She tries to apologize, stating she would have never gone through with the plan had she known the real Domino's fate, but she's cut short as Deadpool stabs her in the back. Deadpool then tells Cable to prepare for death.


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