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Kane fights the MLF and Stryfe reveals to Kane that he is Cable. X-Force deals with the fall-out of their fight with the Morlocks and the Brotherhood. Sam deals with learning he's an External. Behind the scenes, the Externals plan the acquisition of the newest mutant to "ascend."


Gideon lands at the home of Nicodemus with a new-found determination to take over the world. Inside he meets with Absalom, Nicodemus, Saul, and Burke; high-lords in the order of the Externals. Gideon remarks that each man felt a certain something a short time ago. He then admits to having made a mistake in thinking Sunspot was an External. Absalom is furious that such a mistake could happen; the others just want the situation rectified. Gideon has a plan: bring in Crule, a rogue high-lord. Either he will successfully get the high-lord without linking anything to the cabal of Externals, or he will fail and no one will be the wiser. Burke, however, is wary. What if Krule simply alerts Cable to the existence of the Externals. At dinner, Nicodemus asks what will be done with Sunspot now that he is not one of the immortals. Gideon simply states that he will definitely die, and sooner than he may have expected.

In X-Force's underground home, Cable and his team stands over the bodies of Sauron and Masque. He promises that Masque's head will be set on a stick in the Morlock Tunnels as a warning but, for now, he and Cannonball need to have a little chat. He sends the team off to take care of loose ends (get the bodies to the morgue, put Thornn in a cell, find the rest of the Brotherhood) and he and Cannonball leave to another part of the base. Cable then runs some tests and confirms that Cannonball is alive. Cannonball can't believe the news that he died. Cable then tells him that won't be able to die so easy, as it appears that he is a special kind of mutant; an External; an immortal.

Cable then tells Cannonball what he knows. Cable's sole mission is to find the mutant that can serve as the world's last hope. He thinks Cannonball is that mutant. He also explains that there is a club of these immortal mutants called high-lords, or Externals. He also guesses aloud that Gideon might be one of them, though any others are a mystery. Cable then admits that he let Sunspot go a while back simply because he knew that he was there for Cannonball. Boom-Boom barges in and states that all the chores are done - except that none of the other Brotherhood mutants have been found. She then makes sure Cannonball is doing okay. Cable leaves them and they discuss the ramifications of death and immortality. Cannonball just can't believe he died. Boom-Boom wonders how their relationship will be after this realization. Either way, Cannonball is just worried what his mom is going to think.

In Tolliver's home, Deadpool is called in and Tolliver announces that their contact close to Cable hasn't reported in a long time. Deadpool is to pay her a visit and find out what's going on. Deadpool is more than happy, especially since the contact, Domino, put some knives into his back at their last meeting.

X-Tenuating Circumstances, Part 3

Having followed the MLF through Zero's port, Garrison Kane finds himself face to face with Stryfe. After knocking around some lower level mutants, Kane confronts Stryfe. Stryfe removes his helmet and reveals a face just like Cable's. Kane has no idea what to think and tries to rationalize what he sees. Is Cable Stryfe? Is Stryfe Cable? Stryfe simply throws out that maybe neither is who they seem. He then knocks Kane out.

Kane awakens just 10 miles from his base of operations, Department K. He storms in and demands that Weapon P.R.I.M.E. be dispatched immediately to take Cable down. General Clarke cannot okay this, but he does introduce someone with a similar desire to see Cable humbled: Rictor.

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