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Begining of a Rebellion

First time I read this, I have to admit, I went in blind. I hadn’t been to the comic book store is a while, so I hadn’t known what happened in Messiah Complex, but a Layla Miller One-shot issue? Was the first to be read in the pile, no contest. Thankfully, I didn’t need to know what had happened, even when I skipped the intro, because after you get the setting (the M brand being a big clue), the story just flows.


The second time I read this, I still hadn’t read all of the Messiah arc, but I had read the following X-Factor issues

, so I knew what happened to Jamie when Layla drags him into her future

. So even though it was written before Siryn gave birth, it also worked as a prequel to the story line. It’s both well written and well drawn, and while dark wasn’t abysmal. It’s pretty clear that Cable’s future is *the* future of current canon short of the unlikely event of Marvel retconning to the pre-House of M storyline.


The only disappointment was that they didn’t include more of the characters from The Times & Life of Lucas Bishop. But there is only so much they can fit into a one-shot story.    

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