X-Factor By Peter David Omnibus #2

    X-Factor By Peter David Omnibus » X-Factor By Peter David Omnibus #2 - Volume 2 released by Marvel on November 2022.

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    Peter David reinvents X-Factor - again!

    Jamie Madrox has become a private eye. But with so many of his duplicates out in the world, is an identity crisis imminent? X-Factor Investigations recruits Guido, Wolfsbane, Siryn, M and Rictor - plus Layla Miller, who knows stuff! Can the team help mutantkind navigate M-Day and deal with their unbalanced former ally Quicksilver? X-Factor butts heads with Singularity Investigations, X-Cell, the Isolationist and more. But what happens when two of Madrox's dupes want their own lives - and when Jamie and Layla are thrown into the future? With Mutant Town under siege, Skrulls running rampant, personal problems tearing the team apart and a major change for Siryn, can X-Factor survive!

    Collects Madrox #1-5; X-Factor (2005) #1-20, #21-24 (A Stories) And #25-39; X-Factor: The Quick and The Dead; X-Factor Special: Layla Miller; And She-Hulk (2005) #31.


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