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    Peter David teams-up with writer Fabian Nicieza to tell three X-Factor stories never before seen! Spiral is hunted by Mojo and Val Cooper, but all the six-armed warrior really wants is some time to herself! Val becomes overwhelmed with government bureaucracy. And Strong Guy helps a young boy fend off schoolyard bullies.

    Shattershot Part 3 - The Historians Of Times To Come

    X-Factor is called in to stop Spiral from destroying a village as she searches for Arize. After defeating her, she recounts her origin as Ricochet Rita, a stuntwoman who met and fell in love with Longshot. After joining him in his crusade she is captured and transformed by Mojo (through Arize coerced methods) into Spiral and then sent back in time to set her own former self on the path (thus creating a time loop). She tells them about a supposed savior that will lead Mojoverse against Mojo in the future (but only tells Arize that his name is going to be Shatterstar!) Arize then has Spiral dance them both back to Mojoverse leaving X-Factor standing

    Drowning In Paperwork featuring Val Cooper

    Val Cooper comes back from X-Factor missions to find her desk covered in paperwork. Because of a prank call from Jamie, she gives up her highly anticipated concert tickets to him and Rahne. While working at her desk, she falls asleep and dreams of the piles of paper attacking her. She wakes uip to finds Jamie and Rahne back and apologizing, which she doesnt accept and chases Jamie out.

    Cal and Guido

    Guido helps a young boy named Cal with some school yard bullies


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