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THE KINGS OF PAIN PART 4 Proteus, the son of Moira MacTaggert, loses control over his psychic powers. Deeply disillusioned, and putting both mutant and human in harm’s way, will X-Factor do whatever it takes to end Proteus’ reign of terror? Guest-starring Cable and his New Mutants!

"King of Pain"

Final story of "The Kings of Pain," continued from the Uncanny X-Men Annual #15. Proteus has been resurrected and X-Factor is responding to the events in Scotland. Everything is turning into a well-ordered math equation and the team must find a way to stop Proteus from changing the world into his version of perfect order. The other teams (X-Force, the New Warriors, and the Muir Island mutants) band together to offer Proteus the last two options they know of: normalcy or death. Proteus's decision could affect how the world is seen forevermore.

"Sacrificial Lamb"

Final episode of "The Killing Stroke," continued from X-Men Annual #15. Freedom Force is falling apart at the hands of Desert Sword. The team makes one final push towards escape. There's a reason this is Freedom Force's last mission...

"Tribute the Third"

Mystique lays Destiny to rest at sea. What should be a solemn event ends up being an eye-opener.


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And Then It's Wasted 0

I'll get this off my chest at the start: I hate when heroes are confronted with impossible odds only to have something so very simple be the answer.  Proteus, the Proteus, is altering reality.  No one can stop him.  The trick that worked last time?  Nah, that's no longer effective.  This being is truly unstoppable.  But wait, the peace of death is all Proteus ever really loved?  Let's just talk him into committing suicide - but make it sound like it was his idea.  It's the perfect plan, and wha...

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