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Note: Despite what the cover says, and due to deadline problems, the New Mutants annual should be read as the second book and the X-Factor annual should be read third.

"Act of Faith"

Continued from New Mutants Annual #6. Franklin Richards is still loose and the Fantastic Four is still tracking him. They team up with X-Factor just in time to see Rachel Summers collide with the older Franklin. She's not as he remembered her and once again vanishes. This leaves Rachel in the position to introduce herself to her mother, Jean Grey. Yet Rachel is not accepted, partly out of shock and partly out of the fact that Rachel appears to be one of Ahab's hounds. Ahab confirms this, but the Phoenix Force wins control and Rachel flees. The New Mutants arrive just in time, as Ahab has unleashed a horde of hounds. The machinery is found that controls Ahab's time traveling and a team of mutants destroys it. Despite the victory, older Franklin returns and takes something most precious to Cyclops.
This story arc concludes in X-Men Annual #14

"Tribute the First"

A familiar looking visitor to Jean Grey's grave has a candid conversation with an elderly woman about finding one's identity.
Two art pieces are included at the end of this issue: one with Beast and Marvel Girl and another as a preview of the X-Factor special issue "Prisoner of Love."

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I'd Buy It for the Bonus Story if I Had To 0

So, here's my problem with this story arc: I started reading comics because I loved the character of Cable.  Yet, his book is the weakest of the series so far.  The New Mutants annual was sub par when compared to the first book in the series (the Fantastic Four annual).  It falls even further short of this issue in the arc.  It pains me to say, Marvel should not have used the New Mutants book for this arc.    Now about this book: The story as part of the arc was interesting.  The high point had ...

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