X-Factor Annual #4

    X-Factor Annual » X-Factor Annual #4 - I Must Go Down To The Sea Again released by Marvel on October 1989.

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    Two FBI agents arrive in New York to discover what really happened during INFERNO. After X-Factor undergoes a round of questioning the team enlists the help of Reed Richards to help with their cover story.

    I Must Go Down to the Sea Again: Being carried across the globe by some sort of tractor beam, Beast clings to the body of his teammate Marvel Girl while she is in a trance. Upon trying to snap her out of her trance, he inadvertently drops them in the middle of the ocean.

    Ghaur's agents try and apprehend their newly chosen Bride of Set. Unfortunately for Ghaur, Attuma has noticed that the female soon-to-be prisoner of the Deviant King is none other than Jean Grey.

    Attempting to make her pay for spurning and defeating him back in the times she was Phoenix, she battles him again. Weak, tired, and nearing death at Attuma's hands, Beast comes to her rescue alongside Andromeda. While Beast makes his getaway with Jean, Andromeda faces her father Attuma.

    Beast is convinced by Ghaur to hand Jean over to him in order to save her life. After the battle, Andromeda is also taken to be a Bride of Set.

    ... That I Be Bound in a Nutshell: It's a battle of nerves and willpower as Doctor Doom tries to perfect the stolen brainwashing technology of Magneto himself. Each man makes the other endure painful and traumatic memories of their pasts.

    Inferno Aftermath: Two FBI Agents are tasked with going to New York and discovering the true nature of the events from Inferno. Unable to reach the Avengers of Fantastic Four, the Agents try and contact X-Factor.

    Despite what little information Gilgamesh can give them and the stories X-Factor concoct, the Agents are left to use the reason: Hypno Ray.

    The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Chapter 10: Emperor of Death: The complete history of the Serpent Crown continues here as Namor faces Naga. Naga convinces Namor he has killed Dorma (Namor's lover). Enraged, Namor engages Naga in a fierce battle.

    Naga, when almost killing Namor, reveals the woman who died was a Lemurian gets more than he bargained for as one of his allies Karthon discovers the woman killed was his sister. Karthon kills Naga while his not looking and frees Namor from Naga's deathtrap.

    Behind the scenes, Llyra uses this to move the next step of her plan into play ... drawing her and Ghaur even closer to one another.


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    AF Reviews: Atlantis AttacksI Must Go Down to the Sea Again by John Byrne and Walter Simonson is the next chapter in Marvel's Atlantis Attacks crossover event and stars Beast and a consistently unconscious Marvel Girl as both the crossover's major antagonist Ghaur and one of the crossovers other antagonists Attuma both individually try to claim Marvel Girl for their own purposes.The first thing that struck me is for an X-Factor story, this really only featured Beast. Jean is more of a prop, she ...

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