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X-Factor faces off with the Mutant Liberation Front at a clinic in D.C. after a doctor claims to be able to remove the mutant X-gene at birth. Are the doctor’s claims true? And will X-Factor be able to maintain peace in the wake of not-so-friendly protest?

The MLF attack again, but his time it's on a clinic in Kansas City, Missouri. X-Factor is too late to save the doctor; what of his research? The morals of Rahne and Quicksilver get in the way of completing this mission, and future mutants may thank them. Also, Mr. Sinister reclaims his Nasty Boys from Stryfe.


Dr. Tucker takes a call at his clinic from a woman that warns him that he and his clinic are in danger. He is adamant about refusing to back down to terrorists because his work is too important. The woman hangs up before he can get her name, though he thinks she sounds familiar.

At the X-Factor compound, Val Cooper is excited to show the team their new Danger Room. Havok is a little miffed that he wasn't consulted about a Danger Room since, as leader, he should have some input. The team is worried that their powers will cause the Danger Room to be trashed far too quickly. Val assures them that the government spared no expense. As she goes to open the door, the knob falls off and X-Factor leaves a flustered Val.

In the foyer, Strong Guy sees a lady and he immediately sidles up to her to get a date. She, Ms. Wang a public defender, knows of X-Factor's poor handling of the Nasty Boys and blows Strong Guy off fairly effectively. Madrox ribs Strong Guy as Ms. Wang walks away.

At the Mutant Liberation Front base, Mr. Sinister arrives to reclaim his errant Nasty Boys. At the same time, Havok tells Cyclops and Professor Xavier that Mr. Sinister is alive, according to information that a Madrox dupe found. The Professor promises to alert the other X-Teams, minus X-Force, because no one knows how to find them. Once the video conference is over, Wolfsbane thanks Havok for not telling about the encounter with X-Force's Cannonball. Val then walks in (in her own X-Factor uniform) and instructs the team that they've been called out to Kansas City, Missouri.

On the plane, Val informs the team of Dr. Tucker's experiments and how they've gotten the attention of the MLF. This sparks a moral debate among X-Factor with Wolfsbane wondering why they should protect a man who informs parents of mutant babies which would give them the information they'd need to get an abortion. Havok simply states that killing Dr. Tucker is wrong, and that's what the team fights against. Wolfsbane and, surprisingly, Quicksilver bow out of the mission. Quicksilver's reasoning: "It's personal."

At the clinic, the MLF attacks. Tempo claims to be tired and so her time warps are not as effective as before. She finally gets her act in order and the MLF is able to charge the clinic with Reaper taking out the assembled SWAT members. Forearm smashes through the wall and Dr. Tucker confronts the team. He will not back down. It's a stare down until Dr. Tucker suggests that had Wildside's parents known what he'd turn out to be then they may have aborted him. Wildside loses it and rips right through Dr. Tucker. With no idea where the doctor kept his research, the MLF begins tearing apart the clinic. About this time X-Factor shows up and begins a retaliatory assault. They are met head on and Strobe melts Strong Guy's glasses to his face. Havok takes out Strobe and Madrox keeps Forearm busy.

Outside, Polaris easily negates Tempo by crushing her metallic helmet. Wildside tries to take Polaris unawares, but this doesn't sit well with Wolfsbane who has decided to help out after all. The ladies see a bomb and Polaris quickly removes it while Wolfsbane goes to investigate a smell of blood. She finds Dr. Tucker transferring his work and gasps out final instructions that the information should be given to the government.

The MLF sees the fight is over and retreats through Zero's portal. Havok attempts to hit Zero, but he ducks out early, an action that closes the portal too early for Reaper's liking - he loses his leg.

In Dr. Tucker's lab, Wolfsbane stops the transfer of information and destroys the computer. The information is lost forever.

At the MLF base, Reaper is taken to the hospital wing while Stryfe ponders how the authorities could have been tipped off. Tempo gets particular attention, but she affirms that it wasn't her and that it probably won't happen again. (Tempo's name is Heather Tucker.)

In X-Factor's plane, Quicksilver explains that he has a daughter and she was born without the mutant gene. He also explains that had he known that she would be a freak, at least by his standards, he may have never let her been born. He sees the error of that thinking now and regrets that he may never get the chance to have a relationship with her.


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