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Sort of an End of an Era

Yes, X-Factor and the X-Men get jumbled up after the Muir Island Saga and this is the issue that gets us geared towards that end. As standard fare: this issue is mostly filler. Mostly. Xavier's journey to find his son (in Legion's mind) is pretty sweet. The art is nicely done in showing the reader that there isn't much for Xavier to work with. It's done in a melancholy way, almost.

The rest of the issue is pretty much space filler. You get Rogue's reunion with Mystique. You get Wolverine breaking-up with Jubilee. You get a sweet exchange between Guido and Polaris. None of these things, however, really contribute to the book as a whole. It's disjointed. The center cannot hold.... Wait a minute! Is that why Beast quotes William Yeats? I take it all back. This issue is a brilliant example of form meeting function. Sure, it's a bit slower than most books from the 90s, but it's mighty fine writing. Nice job, Peter.

(For those of you reading this issue without an English degree or a cursory knowledge of Derrida then consider this a two star issue. I aim to please everyone.)

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