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After the fight with the Shadow King, Legion is in a coma and Xavier attempts to wake him up!

Continued from Uncanny X-Men #280. Charles Xavier is desperately trying to find a way through his son's mind, although it looks as if Legion is in a deep coma. Meanwhile, the various X-Teams try to piece together what will happen next, as Muir Island now boasts 14 X-Men.


Professor Xavier calls out to Legion in the nothingness of his son's mind. In the distance, Xavier sees a payphone. Upon dialing, a message informs Xavier that Legion's brain is unable to take any calls, but he can feel free to leave a message. Not able to accept the nothingness he sees, Xavier pleads to Legion to come back. Outside the bodies of Legion and Xavier, a select few discuss the dangers of Xavier trying to poke around Legion's mind. Moira suggests that Xavier simply wants to try and correct anything the Shadow King may have done to his son's mind. Storm is torn up by the unfairness of Xavier being unable to walk again. Wolverine huffs because he knows the Professor will do what he needs to regardless of his physical condition. He then escorts Jubilee outside. As Wolverine leaves, Cyclops can't help but feel that there is an animosity coming his way. Storm offers that Wolverine may see Cyclops as a rival.

In the sky, Archangel notices Muir Island has been blown up to resemble a crescent. Colossus tries to call out to him, but Archangel continues flying away. Beast quotes Yeats to the effect that the X-Teams need to figure out who they are before things devolve into nothing. Colossus then remarks that the island is a mess. After asking Forge for some high tech cleaning tools, Colossus is handed a broom and pan.

In Legion's mind, Xavier finds a brick wall with some missing pieces. Behind it is a stair that he begins to climb...

Outside, Rogue is confronted by Mystique, Val Cooper, and Nick Fury. They've got some explaining to do. A couple months back, Val was co-opted by the Shadow King. She had been ordered to kill Mystique but couldn't do it. She turned the gun on herself and narrowly missed death. As the ambulance rushed away, Mystique called Nick Fury to tell him of the Shadow King's influence over Val. They then planned for Mystique to go under cover as Val. She underwent hypnosis so that the Shadow King wouldn't be able to divine her true origins. She stayed as Val until Nick whispered the password to bring her to: that word being Rogue. Rogue is understandably upset. She wonders why Mystique couldn't let her know that she was still alive. Mystique turns the tables - why didn't Rogue let Mystique know she was alive when the X-Men went missing? Seeing the futility of trying to justify their differences, the women embrace.

Elsewhere, Jubilee does not take Wolverine breaking up their partnership lightly. She storms off in a storm of fireworks.

Around the way, Polaris shows Guido that her old magnetism powers have returned. She feels stiff, though. Guido guides her through a stretch routine that ends up being less relieving and more gratifying. Val then approaches the two and mentions that she's talked with Madrox already and plans to restart the Freedom Force with new blood.

The Professor reaches the top of the stairs and finds they don't quite reach the top. At the supposed top is a house. Inside that house he finds many lamps. Jean appears and tells him his search for his son is useless. The lights are on, as the colloquy goes, but no one is home. Xavier is suddenly in a free fall. Cyclops, Beast, Archangel, Iceman, and Jean Grey all join in the descent. The urge the Professor to come back to them and lead them as he once did. He does so. He learns that he may never walk again, but the fact is less troublesome once he sees all his friends around him. As word passes around the island that Xavier is all right, he concedes that Legion is in an interminable rest. Being wheeled to the window, he then ponders what to do with so many X-Men.


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Sort of an End of an Era 0

Yes, X-Factor and the X-Men get jumbled up after the Muir Island Saga and this is the issue that gets us geared towards that end. As standard fare: this issue is mostly filler. Mostly. Xavier's journey to find his son (in Legion's mind) is pretty sweet. The art is nicely done in showing the reader that there isn't much for Xavier to work with. It's done in a melancholy way, almost.The rest of the issue is pretty much space filler. You get Rogue's reunion with Mystique. You get Wolverine breaking...

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