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Continues from New Mutants #97. The mutants are falling one by one and Cameron Hodge feels that victory is close. The arrival of Havok, however, looks to turn the tides. The X-Tinction Agenda comes to a close and much has been lost and much has been changed.


Rictor and Wolfsbane stumble onto Hodge. Wolfsbane loses control and attempts to take Hodge on herself. Rictor calls for back-up. Cable and Storm are the first responders. They make their way to the battle via the air ducts. Hodge takes out Wolfsbane and Rictor and then finds Cable in the air shaft. He pierces through and takes Cable out with his tail stinger. Storm takes Hodge on one-on-one while Cable gasps out a call to Cyclops. Archangel, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine all move towards the fight. Archangel is the first to arrive. He saves Storm from death only to be slathered in an adhesive that prevents him from flying. Hodge is about to exact his revenge on Archangel (Archangel had severed Hodge's head some time prior) when Havok appears and fights off Hodge.

In the meantime, Beast struggles to find a way to remove his injured friends from the Citadel. Psylock, Banshee, Gambit, Iceman, and Forge are all too beat up to continue the fight. Beast finds some mutates and orders them to help remove the mutants. While exiting, the mutants and mutates run into Jubilee, Boom-Boom, Cannonball, and Sunspot, all fresh off destroying Hodge's lab. They all then run into Anderson and the Magistrates. Anderson explains that they have overthrown the president of Genosha and are willing to help the mutants. They all exit the Citadel together.

Back at the fight with Hodge, Wolverine has shown up and begins ripping at Hodge. Hodge uses his tail spike to impale Wolverine. While trying to help him, Jean gets smothered by the tail. Cyclops and Havok then let loose and blast Hodge with all they have. Hodge retreats to the roof while the newly injured mutants make their way outside. Only two men can continue the fight and they run up to the rooftop. Havok and Cyclops give Hodge everything they can but Hodge simply laughs off their attempts. Being immortal, Hodge has not doubt that he will still end up victorious, even when he's been reduced to nothing more than a head. Cyclops shoots the head off the building, but when Havok goes to investigate he finds Hodge hadn't fallen the 160 stories. Hodge latches on to Havok's neck and tries to pull him down. Cyclops tries to save his brother, but the three end up falling anyway. Jean catches the two brothers and Hodge falls to the feet of Wolfsbane. Seeing that Hodge just won't die, Wolfsbane throws Hodge's head back into the Citadel and Rictor buries him alive.

Several days later, Anderson announces that the Genoshan government has been wrested from the insane president and the X-Teams are exonerated. Havok states that he'll stay in Genosha to make sure the mutates are treated fairly. Rahne agrees to stay. Another few days later and back at home, the New Mutants have a funeral service for Warlock. As per his wishes, Warlock is buried with Doug Ramsey; his ashes are sprinkled on the grave. As the New Mutants walk away, the dust glints in the sunlight.


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