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Continued from New Mutants #96. With the first team down, Cyclops and his group ready themselves to attack the citadel while things inside aren't going so well. Jean is locked up with a de-powered and dying Wolverine; Forge is unconscious; Rahne is a mutate; and things get dicey when Havok comes face-to-face with Cyclops.

Story continues in Uncanny X-Men #272.


Cable, Forge, Jean Grey, Gambit, and Sunspot are now all prisoners of Genosha. This should make Cameron Hodge happy, but he can't understand why Forge is unconscious. Wipeout, who has blocked each of the mutants' powers, is also at a loss. Havok is charged with removing Forge and the captured mutants are led towards their cells. On the way, Wolfsbane walks by and everyone sees that she's been made a mutate. Hodge states that this fate awaits each of them. Cable, in a rage, breaks free of his shackles and attempts to rip Hodge's head off. He fails, but he finds some comfort in knowing that Boom-Boom and Rictor are still free.

The team led by Cyclops gears up for what they hope is a successful mission. Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast will infiltrate the Citadel dressed as mutates while Cannonball, Banshee, and Archangel take to the skies to distract the Genoshans. Cyclops is certain that the Genoshans will have read the minds of the captured mutants and have gained the knowledge of the remaining mutants' location, so time is of the essence. Cyclops gets his team moving quickly. In the Citadel, the Magistrates place the newly captured mutants in cells. Jean has a special cell - she's sharing with Wolverine. And, with no healing factor, Jean finds that Wolverine is dying. The two kiss; Jean finally pulls away. Watching from a video feed, Hodge enjoys the scene. He knows Cyclops would be devastated if he were to learn of Jean's moment of weakness. He then asks for an update on a field team that was to intercept the Cyclops squad. The team is in position, but when the break in to the hideout there is no one there. Cyclops has put his team on the move. For good measure, the old hide out explodes with the Genoshans in it.

In a meeting with the Genegineer and the Genoshan President in the presidential office, Hodge admits that he is simply using the Genoshans to exact revenge on the X-Men. The two realize, however, that they are in too deep and must continue down the path they've chosen. Just then, Havok barges in and informs the triumvirate of the explosion. The President announces that the mutants must be captured. Nicely enough, Archangel bursts into the President's office with Banshee and Cannonball. The mutants are surprised to find Hodge behind the scenes and even more surprised when they are easily defeated by him.

Cyclops and Iceman cart a gurney into the Citadel with the story that they have an injured mutate under the covers. A Magistrate pulls up the sheet and gets pounded by the Beast. Someone hits the alarm and the Beast scrambles to hold up a door meant to block the mutants in. Iceman also tries to hold the door up with an ice blockade, but only Cyclops is able to get through before the door slams shut. Once through, Cyclops is confronted by Havok. Havok is bent on the idea that Cyclops is trying to mess with his mind. Cyclops is able to jog Havok's memory with a certain hold and Havok recalls who he is. Just before he can act on his newfound memories, Hodge walks in. In order to stay under cover, Havok shoots Cyclops and takes him into custody. With his mind back, however, Havok swears to stick to Hodge in the end.


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Number of the Beast 0

Though this issue is branded with Louise Simonson´s stamp of narrative style, I must admit that this is an improvement in comparison to her work in New Mutants, since there aren´t as much caption and long, boring and repetitive dialogues, instead the pace rate incresead drastically, showing lot´s of action and important turning points, from the fate of the mutant´s arrested by Cameron Hodge, to his plans unraveling in front of Genhosha´s President and the Genenginer - Jon Bogdanove isn´t a top p...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Cold Revenge 0

I must step outside my least favorite creative team so as to say something positive about this issue.  (Sorry Simonson and Bogdanove, but your combination just does not do it for me.)  There were quite a few memorable scenes in this issue that must be seen.  Jean and Wolverine are such polar opposites, yet so similar in the fact that they are haunted by ghosts of memories.  Why can't they be together?  Hodge doesn't see why not, and the reader can't after this issue.  We also get to see s...

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