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Continued from New Mutants #95. X-Factor, the X-Men, and the New Mutants are moving in on Genosha in order to get their friends back. Arrival, however, is a shock to Cyclops: his brother, Havok, is leading the Magistrates. As the fighting goes on, Cameron Hodge manipulates the events behind the scenes with Genosha's president and Genegineer.

Story continues in X-Men #271.


Immediately after Genosha's news conference in which they vow to dispense their form of justice on the X-Men, Genoshan President Renaugh meets with Cameron Hodge. They begin discussing policy when they are interrupted by the Genegineer. He is upset that Hodge seems to have so much say into the country's ruling. The president pulls the Genegineer aside and explains that Hodge's abilities is just as important to Genosha's goals as Genosha's capabilities are important to Hodge. Having been secretly listening in, Hodge looks forward to using his new allies in exacting revenge on the mutants, especially Archangel.

In a newsroom in America, a few employees discuss the position of the United States' government. Knowing that Genoshan has been a huge ally, the United States doesn't want to get into a skirmish with Genosha, even though teenagers were abducted on American soil. Then again, the mutant reaction can't go too well. The station decides to get life stories on each of the captured mutants.

X-Factor, with Cable in tow, flies to Washington, D.C. for a meeting with the president's mutant liaisons. Valerie Cooper explains that the government cannot officially aid the mutant cause, but they can give the mutants information that should help to get the captured mutants back. X-Factor leaves and Dr. Cooper wonders if the info alone will be enough.

Meanwhile, the rest of the mutants prepare a ship to travel to Genosha. The news interviews Marty Smith, Boom-Boom's father. He has awful things to say about her, to which the New Mutants feel sorry. X-Factor returns and the teams load up and head to Genosha. Hodge watches the mutant flight progression on a satellite monitor provided by Sebastian Shaw. Lamenting that this ally is a mutant that must also die, the Genegineer confronts Hodge about the potential for the mutants to destroy the country of Genosha. Hodge simply tells the man (through some very convincing coercion) to prepare for the attack and victory.

The mutant team arrives on Genosha with tons of supplies. They head towards the Citadel. A mutate announces the arrival of the mutants into a natural amphitheater and the Magistrates attack. Cyclops gets hit first, but the blast doesn't seem to have done his body any harm; it's just his clothes that gets thrashed. Meanwhile, Wipeout is called in to negate the mutant powers. Jean, recalling old Madelyne Pryor memories, knows to take Wipeout out quickly. Cyclops then moves to discover the source of the blast that rocked him moments before. He discovers, after blasting an individual with the same, ineffective results, that he is fighting with his brother, Havok. The two jostle and Cyclops tries to beat into Havok's head the truth about the two being brothers. Havok seems to find this fighting familiar, but before he can give in to old memories, he orders Pipeline to get the Magistrates out of the battle.

In the Citadel, Boom-Boom and Rictor both continue to make their separate escapes. Storm, however, learns of the death of Warlock and the capture of Wolfsbane and figures on a plan that will ensure the mutants and "ace in the hole."

On the battlefield, the mutants now plan on an all-out assault. Hodge watches and awaits the impending destruction of these hated enemies.


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There are three books involved in the X-Tinction Agenda and this issue marks the third. Of the three, this is the weakest. I mentioned in the other books' reviews how it was interesting that Havok was a Magistrate. Sure, seeing Cyclops have to battle his brother was epic and all, but we already knew Alex was there. This was foreseeable. Also, nothing really happened behind the Genoshan scenes that we didn't know already. We know about Hodge, we know he's been at odds with the rulers, and we know...

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